View Full Version : DR Carman 2715 FU 5 Month Result

Dr Timothy Carman
10-01-2011, 11:50 PM
Patient is a 52 YO male with androgenic alopecia affecting the hairline, frontal forelock, bilateral temples, midscalp and crown. Approximately 100 cm2 of area is to be grafted, and in this patient with Diabetes we decreased the recipient area density to allow for possible vascular compromise secondary to that condition. Our average density to be approx. 30 FU/cm2. Final count 2715 FU; 874 1's; 1764 2's; 77 3's. Tricophytic closure. This example of growth at the beginning of month 5 is typical, and is presented as patients often want to know what to expect after growth commences at about post op month 3. As can be seen, the growth comes in natural, without any unusual appearance, as some patients are concerned about.This patient has about 25-30% of his grafts in the growing phase at this point.