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09-28-2011, 06:39 AM
Just starting my journey. I see there is a list of surgeons on a separate thread but it appears dated - September of 2009. Looking for a great surgeon on the East Coast (preferrably mid-Atlantic area but willing to travel for guaranteed results). Not sure about strip versus FU either. Any other reliable sources providing recommendations on doctors, etc.? Thanks.

09-28-2011, 11:02 AM
Sure, there are lots of good docs on the East Coast especially two of them at my signature, Drs. True & Dorin in Manhattan.

But if you are not sure between FUE and FUT (strip), then you really need to do more research before deciding on doctors. And btw, while you are educating yourself more on the technology and dynamics of the procedure, and your full options, you will also learn which doctors are the best during the process.

Best wishes to you...;)

09-28-2011, 01:34 PM
Thank you. You are absolutely correct - it is a serious decision and requires research, however, I am on leave from work only for another couple of months so I wanted to move quickly. I was hoping that there was a few trusted sources where I could learn about FUE and FUT and about the surgeons who perform them without having to navigate various threads, etc., on this site and others. I could see supplementing my education with a few tareted posts on this site but is there one or two sites that are unbiased and can get me up to speed quickly in a textbook fashion? Is there anything beyond Wikipedia that anyone here would suggest? Thanks again.

09-28-2011, 03:51 PM
This is the only hair loss forum I would trust, so this is the best place to research. All the others are sales sites that sell hair loss products and hair transplants