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Dr. Lindsey
09-21-2011, 06:15 AM
Here is an update on our 3 stage 2600 graft FUE case that I posted in May. He is now 13 months out from the first 750 grafts, 12 months out from the 2nd 750 grafts, and 3.5 months out from the final 1100 FUEs. He called asking for more, and I told him we need to wait until that last session really grows in, next spring. But even at this stage he really is looking a lot better covered than preopÖand his last case really hasnít kicked in yet. Iím anxious for pictures next year.
I took pics of the donor area with and without flash. He has a very tight haircut, and I would postulate that if you saw him in public, or sat behind him in church, that you would not be able to tell heís had any work done, even with his short haircut.
Heís a businessman in a nearby state, and Iíve hired him to help me with a side project, so Iím sure that Iíll have followup pictures down the road.
I vaguely recall a poster on his earlier thread asking if we didnít go a little high on the donor area. Interestingly, one of his requests was to take even higher in the futureÖto get more hair, even if it runs the risk of balding later. I told him letís review his progress next spring, I suspect heíll have a really nice result from what is already done.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA