View Full Version : What can I add to my regimen?

09-21-2011, 01:03 AM
I am NW4 toward NW5. 33 years old.
Is there anything I can add to my current regimen? Thanks.

My current regimen are:
Fin 1 ml x 1 time daily
Mino 1 ml x 2 time daily
Keto 2% x 3 time per week
Zinc 25 mg per day
MSM 1250 mg per day
MSM (topical) 1 time daily
Folligen 1 time daily
Emu oil x 1 time daily
Derma Roller x 5 time per week
Apple Cider Vinegar (internal) x 2 time daily
Hairmax Laser Comb x 3 time per week
Cod Liver Oil (internal) x 1 time daily