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09-15-2011, 11:23 PM

So heres the story short and sweet. I'm 19 years old and in college. BOTH my maternal grandfather and uncle are bald. My father has a full head of hair in his late 50's. I started noticing hair loss early this year about and the hair loss has not stopped. I lose hair in the shower, and seemingnly everywhere else as well. If i stand near my sink and comb my hair i loose approx 30-50 hairs without fail.I am steadily gaining apparent bald spots on the sides of my head. The crown region is still thick. I have tried rogaine, and now am considering propecia. Further down the road, since I know my fate (Due to my genes) I am considering hair restoration. I am not okay with balding at this age and to be honest it is affecting my life very severely. I find myself depressed, angry, and have lost my diet. I excersice regularly and am fine with going bald, but not as a sophmore in college while being surrounded by youth with full heads of hair. Any suggestions on how I should approach this situation to make it better? :(

09-16-2011, 12:31 AM
Keep using Minoxidil and try Fin (Proscar). That's all we have available to combat this curse. They might not work for every one but you can try your luck.

I hate to tell you but chances are you're gonna be even more depressed as hair loss progresses -if minox and Fin don't work for you. I've been depressed for a good 13 years or so. For those of us who start getting concerned about their hair loss in its early stages chances are their concern and depression will get worse as they lose more hair until it ****s up their lives completely.

09-19-2011, 11:18 AM
I am also a 19 year old male, a sophomore in college and going through the same thing. I know exactly what your going through and the effects it has on your life. Although i dont have enough time to give you a response thats even helpful, i am posting this to let you know your not alone, as i have felt untill i found this site today. This probably sounds weird but if you need help getting through this or want someone to talk to feel free to message me. It would be nice to have someone the same age as me going through the same thing to just talk to about this stuff because its uncomfortable to talk to your friends about it.

09-20-2011, 05:43 PM
Hello, I'm 19 years old as well and im going bald too. My father was bald and my both uncles and grandfather are bald. I know how you feel and i wanted to say that you are not alone. I know it sucks but probably im going to shave my had as i don't want to spend money and drink some medication which probably wont help me. I think like this because if my hair dont like me than **** them( sorry for bad language) i don't need them.

I liked the quote from 1 website

''Begin to better yourself. Doing great in school is no longer an option. Advancing your career is no longer an option. Going to the gym is no longer an option, becoming well versed and well read is no longer and option, traveling and becoming world wise is no longer an option

ALL THESE ARE MUSTS. AS OF NOW, ALL THESE ARE A MUST DO. That is how hellish this can be if you allow it to, like me.

Get A’s in school, become a black belt, go to the gymn and get ripped, make a lot of money, travel, learn to cook real well, learn an instrument or two………BECOME AN ALL AROUND SPECIAL GUY……..and you can overcome your hair loss.''

P.S sorry for English it's not my main language but i think you get the point.

09-26-2011, 10:11 PM
We all do know how you feel. Ill try and make this short and sweet also, but I Hope that my own personal experiences and my honest advice from my own experiences help you. I sure wish I could have taken the advice I was given years ago.

I David, I am 29, and started to lose hair when I was 16. I saw my older brother go through the same thing, he was years older than me, so I didn't understand, (I mean I was only 12..not much to get at that age) But when I started to go through the same thing I pushed everyone that was close to me away; my parents, my friends, my girlfriend (my wife now) , and felt exactly what you are feeling, angry, depressed, and alone. I wanted to do anything that I can to stop it. I ignored my brothers advice to not start Propecia. They say smart people learn from other people's experiences and mistakes, I was not smart....He had used Propecia to stop is hair loss and get his hair back, but the medication only led to more problems such as ED. I regret not taking his advice. At first I didn't notice any signs of ED. But after a month or so of taking it the problems started. After that I was even more depressed, and even more angry. The one thing that makes us men, a man, was dysfunctional. It's a terrible feeling trust me, that feeling, you being able to do something like you always have been, because you are man, but can't anymore, is darker than loosing hair. I was so depressed, first I was taking medecine to get my hair back, then the ED started, then I was trying to take medecine to get rid of my ED. No one should be taking medecine before they are like 40-50 for ED, I was your age trying to get rid of my ED. You should never do something that has even 1% risk leading to ED. My life was downhill from there, my hair was sort of growing back, but ED was not the price to pay for hair. Studies shows that as generations have passed the ED shows up more then ever, out of 10 men (normal men, no problems, steroids) 5 of them have ED problems. Men who shouldn't even be having that problem ,do due to diet, lack of nutrients, and etc, An erection is something that happens naturally, so now imagine taking something to further increase your chance of ED, you seem like a smart kid, you do the math. I suggest you use your support system. The people you love, and who love you, are the ones who will help you get through this, don't push them away, if they love you they will help you. My mom and my wife (gf at the time) helped me alot, at first I would tell them that they don't understand and push them away, I left my gf several times thinking it would be better to leave her than her leave me for some guy with luscious locks, but she always stuck around to help me. They do really care, them seeing us go through that pain, disappointment makes them feel the same way because they love us. Plus women go through this stuff on a daily basis,we think they don't understand but they do, everyone always scrutinized a women for the way they look, from their hair, acne, arms, legs, breasts, Iq, to their clothes, facial hair, stretch marks, their ass, everything on them. If anything, I recommend you save that money that you were going to use to get propecia, and get a hair transplant instead, because with that is there for the long run, and has no horrifying risks. My brother ended up getting it, and I am thinking of to also.
ill leave you with my email so you can contact me with any questions you have. I am more than happy to help you with any advice, I don't want anyone feeling the way that I did, or to repeat the mistakes I made.

09-27-2011, 02:10 AM
Hi guys,
My name is lovely,i am 28 of age.At present doing the SEO for a company in india.But due to some heavy tensions the hair of mine is falling more now a days.And also the hair is going to be thin.
I has come to this website by referring a friend.Think that I may recover the problem by knowing the suggestions from experts.

Hair loss is NOT caused by stress. Stress can make it worse sometimes but it's not the root cause of baldness.

If baldness runs in your family, chances are you ARE going to be bald too. Thank your parents for it. The sad reality is that once your hair starts thinning/falling out, it won't reverse. Drugs like Minoxidil or Finasteride might help some.