View Full Version : Beginning to understand Hair Loss FAQ

09-15-2011, 11:14 PM
Hello I'm new to this forum. Three to four years ago I noticed a slight thinning of my hair on the hair line (forming a v with the widest spot facing my forehead). My hair line isn't pulling back or becoming less defined, just the overall density of the hair count is coming down.

My partner is very accepting of me and equally supportive, and she made it easy for me to approach the idea of treatment. I'm not really in to changing my lifestyle significantly, so Propecia/Finpecia was something I naturally landed on for it's ease of maintaining treatment and whatnot.

Research in to all of this is going well, and I plan to have a sit down with my Doctor soon. What sort of questions should I ask him when I'm there? Are there any specifics on Prostate Health/Screening, or blood/chemical analysis that would be good to go through?

One (1) month course seems to be the smartest starting off, facing any side effects that may crop up, and getting to know good distributors would also be helpful. If any of you have a good resource to use when it comes to further investigation, or websites/businesses to get Propecia/Finpecia 1mg this would be much appreciated. Thank you for existing and helping me to understand this all. Truly.