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09-15-2011, 03:49 PM
Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration Patient RPC (http://www.bernsteinmedical.com/hair-transplant-photos/portraits/patient-rpc/) is a Norwood Class 3 Vertex with straight, medium fine hair and a donor density of 2.2. Because of his early thinning at the temples and frontal hairline, he constantly combed his hair forward. Results after one follicular unit hair transplant of 868 grafts.

Click the thumbnails below for a larger view.

Before / After:


Left: Before Hair Transplant
Right: After 1st Session

Position of Hairline:

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation used to increase the density of the frontal hairline in the early stages of thinning. Line shows position of new grafts.


Left: Before Hair Transplant
Center: Position of Hairline
Right: After 1st Session

Detail of Hairline:

Detail of hairline restoration showing the addition of thick, non-miniaturized follicular units to a thinning hairline.


Left: Before Hair Transplant
Center: After 1st Session
Right: Close-up After 1st Session

Visit our Hair Transplant Gallery to view this patient's complete photo profile: Patient RPC (http://www.bernsteinmedical.com/hair-transplant-photos/portraits/patient-rpc/)

Follicle Death Row
09-22-2011, 05:43 PM
Nice job doc. That's a fine result. May ask why this man decided to go for FUT for such a small session? I thought this would be a great case for FUE.

In terms of total grafts available how would you compare FUT and FUE? I've heard some conflicting answers. While 8000-9000 by multiple strips over a lifetime sounds fair I've heard as low as 4000 by FUE alone and as high as almost 9000 by FUE alone which would roughly equate to thinning the donor by approximately 50%. The latter figure is one supported by Dr. Cole. I ask this because while FUE seems great I wonder could this man progress with FUE HTs alone in the future to tackle further loss. I believe if one is to progress to norwood 6 and they have these hair characteristics they will need between 8000-9000 FU.

I hope the Acell studies are going well. I recall you saying earlier this year that you believe hair multiplication will come to market within the decade. Do you foresee their being a synergistic role for FUE and HM ala Replicel's DSC technique? I ask this because going down the FUE route might be very attractive for some if a cellular based solution comes out in 5-10 years.

Thanks for your time.