View Full Version : propecia sides effects, watery seamen,smaller testicles????

09-14-2011, 11:27 AM
Hi there, i have now started taking propecia for about 2 weeks as about 3 months ago i noticed my hairline starting to recede and panicked, i did my researach on propecia and decided i would give it a go but if i coulndt get a boner i would stop immediatly, everything in that department is fine however i have noticed 2 odd side, one my testicles seem to have gotton smaller and like almost de-dropped slightly as it were and my seamen is really watery compared to before i was just wondering if these are normal because being only 21 i am scared that it has lowered my sperm count and i wont be able to have kids when i am older and have to spent thousands on IVF, can anyone help?