View Full Version : Diffuse thinner, not a winner?

09-10-2011, 05:19 AM

What is the bottom line on diffuse thinning?

Recently, (via an online consultation) i was told by a rep I was not an 'ideal' candidate, and in their opinion 'at this point do not appear like the right candidate' which is perfectly fine.

I understand there could be a whole heap of reasons why i'm not the balding head of choice.

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences with diffuse thinning and being told that quite possibly getting a HT is not the right move?

Also, what's people's thoughts on someone who is Nw5/6/7 (pretty much bald) getting a HT, therefore becoming a diffuse thinner by default and therefore would not be advised to go for further HTs down the line due to the transplanted hairs being prone to shockloss, or have i generalised this far to much?