View Full Version : FUE repair of browlift scar Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

Dr. Lindsey
09-06-2011, 06:24 AM
This young lady had a coronal browlift by a local surgeon. Unfortunately her scar widened significantly and she had no hair grow in the scar over the course of a year that I followed her, hoping that she’d get some benefit from waiting. We discussed scar excision and FUE placement a number of times. Given that the best predictor of bad scarring, is bad scarring previously….she was unwilling to go for scar excision and trichophytic closure and I didn’t disagree with her decision. However, FUE placement into scars is not a guarantee either…but in her opinion it was the better choice.
Shown is a 484 graft FUE case reviewing her scars, the donor area (nicely camouflaged by her overlying hair) the recipient slits and grafts in place. Also shown are 10day postop pics. Interestingly the lowest half inch on the right side appeared not to have any grafts at 10 days. Now they either already shed, or more likely given her great surrounding hair—the grafts got stuck to some nearby hair and were pulled out during sleep or daily activities. That was really the only significant risk in a case like this and a difficult one to guard against without cutting a lot of nearby hair…a deal breaker in a situation like this. We’ll see her in a month and again next spring when hopefully she has some coverage of that scar.
The scar appeared to have nice vascularity and was not really tough scar, so she and I are both hopeful of an excellent outcome.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA