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09-04-2011, 05:22 PM
I underwent a repair to the hairline on one side . I was able to go undetected at work by combing my hair over to one side covering the new grafts . The old grafts were done 20 years age and looked pluggy . The new grafts are a week old and I will get the other side done after this heals .

It was about 400 grafts . Some were from the scar that was excised some were fue . the Doctor was Dr Carlos Wesley in NY . Overall great experience . I have had previous repairs at other well known places and this clinic had the greatest attention to detail .

No swelling or pain . I will update as things progress . I will be getting the other side of the hairline done while excising more scar tissue and mabey fue .

Some of the fue grafts were done in a new way .Endoscopically I think . This seems like it has an advantage in terms of scarring .

09-05-2011, 12:02 PM
Looks good. Do you have any more information on this endoscopic FUE technique? Iíve never heard of this surgeon, is there any information anywhere online about this?

09-06-2011, 03:19 AM
Thanks. I initially heard about him on the HTN site . If you need info the site is drcarloswesley.com . Some of the grafts were regular fue some were strip and some were part of a test for fue not punching in from the top . I am not sure if endoscopic is the exact word for it but is was not a lot of them , more of a test .

My donor has had the old checkerboard scarring from open donor procedures 20 years ago . A lot of it was removed by strip procedures but left wide scars .

This last strip from Dr Wesley seems to be healing a lot thinner than my previous scars . He is a good person to consult with . I have consulted with and had work done by a number of well known docs and this work was very clean and healing better than in the past

Btw I am a long time repair patient and usually do not try to promote anyone but just wanted to share my experience with a good repair session .

09-14-2011, 03:16 PM
Just to update : I had a follow up with Dr Wesley and things are healing nicely . The scar is not red or irritated . The follow up care in his office is way better than any place I have been to . He has seen me a few times to keep an eye on my scar since I had some wide scars in the past with other clinics .

The grafts in the recipient area are doing well . They appear to be growing . I know they usually fall out but they are hanging in there .I have no real redness like I experienced in the past. Overall I am happy and will get more of my repair done soon .

I asked to do a small session because I did not know how it would look post op . I wanted to conceal the work with my existing hair as it healed . It was easily managed with minimal effort .