View Full Version : Dr. Panine/ Chicago/ 2,014 grafts

Vladimir Panine, MD
09-03-2011, 06:18 AM
Here is a good example of a patient that is a marginal candidate to let people see that you do not have to be an excellent candidate to get a good result. Even though he is only a Norwood class 4 going into a class 5. He has very sparse donor area. Dr. Panine only felt comfortable removing 2,014 grafts, in order to get more grafts he would of had to remove a larger strip and could of left him with an unsightly scar. The bottom line is to leave a minimal scar and make a difference surgically. This patient understood that he would still have a see through look in the frontal 1/2 of his scalp, but he was comfortable with that as long as it was going to be natural and undectable that he had surgery. By looking at his 9 months post op pictures his a received a very natural hairline and is able to comb his hair straight back without any detection of having a hair transplant. By the way this gentleman is 50 years old and has been on Propecia for 11 months.