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09-02-2011, 06:00 AM
I have a few questions that I'm sure only the experienced people on this forum would be able to answer:

1. Since DHT hurts scalp hair, but helps body hair grow, what would happen if you lasered off all your body hair? Would it mean more DHT drifting towards your scalp, which is bad, or less DHT being made, which is good (or most likely, nothing)?

2. With this stem cell thing where they plan on using your own stem cells to regrow hair, won't it lead to your growing older much faster or something like that? Those cells weren't reserved for your scalp, so something's gotta give.
If not, are there any side-effects that they've picked up on yet?

3. Generally, how long can a hair follicle be dormant (as in not producing hair) to be reawakened with minoxidil, before it's dead?

4. When using extra strength Minoxidil (5%), is the resting phase of hair still 4 months, or is it shortened because of the higher dosage? I ask because I was under stress when I started the minox, but I started to see good regrowth in 7 weeks. I need to know if this is because of the minox or just hairs coming back on their own because of a reduction in the stress.

5.When they do a graft of +-3000 hairs, how big a strip of donor area do they cut off the back of your scalp?

6. Peach fuzz hair - those hairs which are thin but growing long - what are the odds of them turning dark and thickening up? And how long did it take?

7. Any new developments on a cure anyone's heard on the grapevine? :confused:


09-04-2011, 01:35 AM
Wow, so I assume no one can answer even any one of these? :D