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09-02-2011, 01:23 AM
Hey guys

im 18 years old, with really bad hair loss..


just found a pic online to describe my situation

the guy in the middle, but thinner hair in the front is my current situation,

my hair mostly fell our with in the last 2 years, its crazy because i had the most awesome hair and was showered by complements daily now i must cover my head at all times with numerous hats..

so suggestions..


hair transplant?

im looking to consult with a professional sometime soon, just looking for some help here


09-02-2011, 03:22 AM
I cant see the picture but I will tell you one thing. I completely understand how you feel, especially being your age. When I was 18 I didnt havt hairloss problems, nothing that I thought about when I was getting out of highschool, but regardless what age it hits us, life changes in an instant when we discover thinning hair or a bald spot forming.

Same thing happened with my cousin, at age 16 he had some of the best hair in the family, thick hair, rocked all kinds of cool hairstyles, but within 2 years he was an approaching NW3. How he lost it that fast I dont know, but some people just have a more severe case of MPB than others. I think he has embraced it and keeps his hair very short now, knowing that there isnt anything he can do to stop it..and I doubt propecia would work for a severe case like that.

My recommendation to you, is give propecia a try. it might work for you and there is plenty of time to save your hair, but be alarmed that people who have more aggressive MPB, have a tough time combatting hair loss. Some shaved heads look cool, some dont.

Look on the bright side, you are at a perfect age where if a cure is indeed found within the next 10 years, you will still be at a good age to enjoy its benefit.

A hair transplant will be nonsense at this point, because no one can predict how much further hair loss you will have and how quick. From your case, it sounds like without treatment you will probably continue to thin in to your 20's. First get on propecia, see if it works for you, I would still give it a few years if it is indeed working before I try to opt for a transplant. Also, in very rare cases, some people have actually grown back "alot" of hair they lost so there is always a chance that your thin spots can be filled in just by propecia alone. Once you go the transplant route, you can never rock a shaved head again because of the donor scar. Some things to think about.