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09-01-2011, 08:50 PM
I'm not going to throw around accusations aimed at Axe Pomade. I'm just going to post a few pics of my hair when I was on it, and after I quit using it.

The photo directly below is a photo of myself when I was using the product.


This photo shown below is my hair after about a week or so after I threw the stuff in the trash.


This photo below is from a couple of days ago.


In all, I've been off the stuff for two, maybe three months.

I post this because I've long heard rumors about Pomade and hair loss. They are, in fact, just rumors. But look at the pics and decide for yourself: you may want to stay away from the stuff.

I won't say my hair is thinner or receding more in the first two pics.

I will say that something about that stuff made my hair look like crap.