View Full Version : Thinning Hair Solution.

08-30-2011, 07:31 PM
Dear Hair Experts.

I am 33 and I have noticed my hair gradually thinning from the front of my head. I have no bald spots but there is thinning and the hair doesn't look thick and healthy as it used to be at the front. I canít style it the way I used to be able to.

I went to a natural supplement store today and they recommended I use Fish Oil (Omega 3) and a multi-vitamin. For some reason she didnít think it was necessary for me to use a natural DHT inhibitor even though we looked at them and she said shampoos really donít work. She said it was a nutritional problem in my case but I think itís more likely the DHT starting to take effect because I am fairly healthy and eat healthy.

I donít want to use any medications because I donít think the side effects are worth it. I would prefer to use a shampoo or possibly a natural supplement / product.

What do you recommend to regain my hairís thickness and possibly some re-growth at the front?

I never really investigated hair prior to today and have been using Dove Anti-Frizz shampoo which I learned has the common ingredient SLS which is a harmful chemical for hair.

Thank you for your feedback.