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Limmer HTC
08-30-2011, 12:35 PM
The case presented came in yesterday exactly 10 months post op from a 1600+ grafts case to augment her frontal region. Presented are her original pre op photos from October 2010 and her 10 months post op photos from yesterday.

She originally presented to the office in June 2010 with a 20+ year history of slowly thinning hair. While her loss extended over the majority of the top of her scalp I felt based upon donor hair quality and availability she would be best served by initiation of medical management combine with a limited restoration of her frontal forelock. I felt this approach would address her area of greatest cosmetic concern through hair restoration while using medical management to hopefully increase the overall volume/quality of hair across the remainder of her scalp.

As seen in her photos, her frontal forelock responded following one pass of ultra refined follicular unit micrografts and at the same time she gained additional hair volume through medical management.

Brad Limmer, MD/jac