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08-29-2011, 03:18 AM
Sorry, this is long, when you havn't really got any one to talk to about hair loss it's hard not to just keep typing in these places. And i'm not really sure of what i'm 'ásking', i think i'm just trying to get things straight in my mind.

I'm 25, have been receding\ thinning for about 4 years. Was in slight denial during the first year, then started the wade through supplements and natural remedies, all, obviously with little result.

The main thing that's kept me going, or enabled me to deal with it is the hairstyle I wear (that or a cap when i can't be bothered), it's pretty convincing, even my own father who's bald tells me "you'll never go bald" (if he knew the truth).

But it's only a temporary solution to\ evasion of the problem. And it's a chore - thickening stuff\ hairspray, not to mention a real bitch in the wind (i know people are imagining a comb over, but it's not like that, it's more of a utilization of the back and sides), and as the years go by, i'm aware that i need to make a decision, and sooner rather than later.

Either i'm going to have to take immediate action and save the rainforest now, which will mean propecia, rogaine, nizoral etc or i'm going to need to accept that i am truly going to be bald (and invest in wigs for the rest of my life, or the next 20 years or so), because that's what i'd do - my head\ face, like most peoples is not 'designer stuble' conducive.

The wig thing doesn't bother me too much, i'm not using the term 'hairpiece' or 'system' because if i'd go down that road i'd be looking for a wig, not just something to cover the top. Obviously there'd be the constant paranoia of can other people tell, is it on properly etc, but you'd be able to work through most of that. And i'm kind of odd as it is so it wouldn't really be too much of a suprise to people if they found out.

Like a lot of people i'm terrified of propecia, but at the same time dream of being able to have my own hair with continued use. And like everyone I read various experiences, and I start to see connections in symptoms and the 'price' seems to become very real. I think the one thing that seems to worry me most about propecia is the prospect of permanent muscle and therefore nerve damage (not just the tiny penis muscles which control blood flow and penis nerves, but the whole body) - this is just conjecture - I HAVE NO IDEA - but from what i've read it seems plausible, and I think by that very fact I made up my mind a long time ago. But give it a few months and i'll be thinking about it again.

08-29-2011, 12:44 PM
Get on propecia/proscar. Its actually cheaper to get on proscar, it only costs me $80 for 4 month supply and I cut it in 4 even quarters. Proscar is 5mg of finasteride, you cut them in 4 even quarters so you are getting 1.25 mg instead of 1mg. That little bit of difference doesnt matter and wont have any negative side effects, also most of it dissolves in powder when you cut it anyway.

Hairloss is very emotionally devastating and can change the way you live and socialize. I have been on propecia for 7 months now, and have not had any negative side effects. Im actually more horny than usual and it has not decreased anything for me.

But thats a choice your gonna have to make. Seeing your hair get less thick by the day is a killer, and why not try to save it when there are proven treatments out there.

08-30-2011, 11:09 AM
It sounds like you literally never want to live with baldness naturally so eventually i can bet you will try propecia.

At least now there is ample anecdotal evidence on the web that shows just how much damage the drug can do to a man. Plus, Merck have even updated there packaging to account for persistent erectile dysfunction. So if you try it and you have persistent issues at least you can look back and know that you were warned. I ordered generic finasteride off the internet a long time ago and at that time there were just the anecdotal reports on the web. Nothing like the following was out there:



Go ahead and try propecia, i believe that most men have no trouble with coming off the drug if they cannot tolerate the side effects. However, if you are unlucky - you will pay the price for the rest of your life.