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08-28-2011, 02:02 PM
I am 26 years old and have steadily been losing hair from my hair line and across the top of my head. After browsing these forums I have decided that im not going to take any of the pills. Also a transplant is out of the question.

So that leaves me with minoxidil treatments as my weapon of choice.

I went to a local barber shop and purchased a two month supply of Bosley 5% minoxidil dropper product.

I have done alot of forum searching on minoxidil but I would prefer to have some of my questions answered directly, if you would be so kind to weigh in your opinion I would appreciate it.

Q#1. Regarding the Bosley brand. I don't see alot of discussion on this product. Is this an ok brand to use? And if I decide to use another brand would switching between the two cause any harm or is 5% minoxidil all about the same stuff across the board?

Q#2. Regarding frequency of use. The directions say that it should be used twice a day. Say I ocasional skip one treatment a day would that have any effect on the treatment? What if I skipped an entire day of application? What if I skiped two days? Or a week?

Q#3. Regarding proper use. I find that this stuff makes my hair clump together and almost feel like there is a gummy gluey residue all day. Can I apply the minoxidil, wait a half hour and then wash my hair out? Or would this defeat the entire purpose?

Q#4. Regarding stopage of use. This seems to be a common question. Say I use minoxidil for 6 months and decide its not for me and discontinue use. Will I see a dramatic loss of hair at that point? Like more so than if I had never used it in the first place?

Q#5. Regarding duration of effectiveness. If I use minoxidil and have positive results. Will I get diminished returns the longer I use it? Or will it pretty much level off and continue to be effective?

That's I've got for now. Any advice and words of wisdom or encouragement are very much welcome. I am new to this subject and would like all the help I can get. Thanks again!

08-31-2011, 07:18 AM
It would be great if someone could answer a few of these questions. I just want a clear idea of what im doing here. I tried to keep the questions simple. Please and thank you to anyone that could help me out.

09-04-2011, 12:27 PM
Ans1) I don't know much about Bosley. But I have heard that the quality of minoxidil can vary. But in my personal view I don't think it would make much of a difference. I use Spectral DNC now, before that I used a generic Minox. The only difference I felt was that the generic Minox gave me dandruff and DNC didn't, but thats the only improvement.

Ans2) Skipping a few applications does not make a difference. I think you need to skip atleast a month to see gains lost. I would recommend starting with twice a day, and perhaps if you feel the results are good you could cut it down to once a day, and see what happens over a month or two.

Ans3) Washing in an hour is a bad idea. You need to leave it on. I can't comment on the gummy residual, both the generic I used and spectral DNC I currenly use leave no residuals.

Ans4) If you stop you should be back to where you should have been if you had never started minox.

Ans5) I have been on Minox for about 18months. I haven't lost any results so far, but it didn't really stop any hairloss to begin with. It just thickened and gave me some regrowth. But my hair kept falling. But thats just my experience. You could be one of those people that respond dramatically to minox.