View Full Version : My Story and Question on Exercise

02-18-2009, 02:11 PM
Hi All, I am 48 and my hair has slowly been thinning for years but now I am losing hair at an excelerated pace. My once long hair is a thin mess. I over dyed it and it is dry and so I am working with my hair dresser and a dermalogist to find out what is going on. So far, not anemic and have no thyroid issue. I am going to ask for a vitamin b test though as I have Burning Mouth Syndrome which can be caused by lack of B-12. I weight train with a trainer and have very low body fat. Does anyone know if weight training can increase testosterone levels in women leading to hair loss?

I am getting a scalp biospy done this week also. I have had itching and scaling which went away with zinc shampoo. Tried Rogaine but the itching and burning were too much. Love to share with others going through this nightmare.