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08-23-2011, 09:58 AM

I am researching HT. I am a "2" with diffuse thinning limited to the hairline to less than midway of my crown. It isn't noticeable to many people but it is to ME. And I am Oh so picky about my hair.

In my research, it seems that women are often dissatisfied with their results because the density isn't what they hoped for.

Hasson and Wong are well-regarded and seem to get excellent results, BUT I'm curious as to why more women aren't using them. A video with Dr Hasson says women comprise about 10% of their patients. The article on women s hair loss says about 50% of women experience hair loss (a higher percentage than I've seen elsewhere).

But the site in general, photo's and videos are so male oriented.

I don't get it. I *think* they shave. Could that be the reason. I'm sure it's even harder for women to allow photo's to be posted but I see other surgeons with many more photo's of women. I want to understand why. Because I would put them in my top spot as choice but this factor really bothers me. Anyone?

I can't tell you how hairloss has plagued my self-esteem. I live in a HOT place (Record heat summer) and every time I walk outside I wonder if people are looking at my scalp. Overhead lights make my stomach clench. If I'm in a dark restaurant, I really think the waiter or bartender or whomever is seeing my scalp shining through. So, I'm willing to go anywhere to get the BEST results. Who is best for women?

Any insight is appreciated.

One last thing, I haven't been able to find if either doctor has a specialty...say if density is your deal go to XXX if you want hairline.. so and so is better.

Thanks in advance,

08-23-2011, 01:16 PM
Women are definitely less likely to allow their photos to be made public. I suppose the male dominated perspective keeps them from posting on forums like this one too.

Remember, though, that female hairloss patterns differ from male patterns and men are more likely to lose hair to a significant extent when they are at a younger age. Men develop bald spots and/or receded temples that are very noticeable and obvious and this can happen in their twenties, or sometimes while they're still in their teens. The proportion of female hairloss suffers will be weighted more towards women of an older age and the visual impact it makes is on the whole less severe.

Which I know is cold comfort if you're a young woman, or a woman of any age who has lost confidence in herself due to hairloss.

It's possible that if your hairloss isn't that noticeable then surgeons would be reluctant to perform a hair transplant. Planting transplanted hairs too closely to your existing 'native' hair can risk harming those hairs due to the unavoidable trauma that occurs during surgery. This is called shockloss. It would be down to the surgeon to judge whether you would be a risky patient or not. I advise meeting with some of the recommended doctors and/or sending photos for assessment.

It's possible that the women you've heard complaining about density didn't choose a top surgeon for their procedure. Many men are very demanding when it comes to density. All of the most respected surgeons are used to performing high density transplants and will understand the factors unique to female patients.

08-23-2011, 02:38 PM
Hello Matt,

Thank you for your reply.

I understand where you're coming from but I think the medical community is underestimating the hairloss needs of women.

There's a lot of really heartbroken, frustrated women out there looking for answers check out:


All of the regular forums and most doctors sites only have a small subsection (if that) devoted to women's hair loss. Some of the so called "top docs" don't even show one photo of a female patient. If 30-50% of women suffer from hair loss, why is that?

I am all to familiar with the difference between hairloss among the sexes. That's my issue. How can I research treatments and find the doctor best for me if the "top docs" aren't addressing it with the same breadth as treatment for men.

I'm NOT trying to take anything away from men who are looking for answers but come on, it's FAR MORE acceptable for men to bald than women.

It's like there's this secret society of women suffering and I don't get it. It seems like a missed opportunity for physicians because women already spend far more $ on their hair than men. Trust me, I'd fly to Paris, France or virtually ANYWHERE if I could find the doctor who could restore my hair. I don't want to wait till my condition is worse and more noticeable. I want it fixed--NOW. So, I'm left to research with inadequate info.

I would agree that women are more reluctant to expose themselves but maybe that's because they don't feel welcome, you know? The prevalence and challenges associated with women's hair loss should be exposed!

This sounds like an indictment and that's not my intent. My intent is to find the information and solutions available to people like me, with my circumstances.

Best, Tina

PS: Off to checkout your doc's site

08-23-2011, 03:02 PM
My point at the end was that good surgeons will be able to accomodate the needs of female patients with the same success as they do with the more visible and numerous male patients. The procedures are technically the same, the differences being in the design. Surgeons understand what they must do differently to achieve a feminine appearance.

With some doctors you'll find that more photos of female patients might be available to those who express an interest.

Most female patients (most patients of both sexes, in fact) just won't show their photos anywhere. Not on websites or on forums. It isn't about not being made welcome, it's about privacy. I do understand that many women might hesitate to register and post at male-dominated forums, but I don't think they would be made to feel unwelcome. It's the same when it comes to guys and forums where everyone is female. I know it can be intimidating.

08-23-2011, 08:50 PM

I'm not intimidated to register with ANY site. My point is why would I if there's so little there that addresses MY issues. How can and I be my own advocate and research options , when there is so very little information specific to my situation.

If I don't see pictures of females, I assume it's not an interest, specialization, etc. I'm told women's hair loss pattern is very different than men. Can you understand that I'm looking for examples of doctors who are equally skilled with female pattern baldness? Just telling me that if a surgeon can do well with men he can get good results with women doesn't put my mind at ease.

I agree that losing your hair is such a personal matter that only a small percentage of people want their photo posted. But come on, I go through pages and pages and pages of men and will MAYBE get 5 examples of women. It's a shame, because I think more women go to hair pieces than find a more permanent solution.

I tell you what, I've been researching this for almost two years now and in the beginning, I thought I would NEVER EVER put my photo out there. It's so embarrassing. So personal. But after so much research, I don't feel the same. I'm not responsible for my hair loss and have done everything I can think of (5 doctors so far) to stabilize and prevent further loss. Why should I be ashamed. It's tough luck and unlucky roll of the dice. When I find the appropriate doctor for me (and trust me...I WILL ) I pledge to have the process documented for the benefit of all.

My wish is that women did not feel so alone in this mission.