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08-21-2011, 04:04 PM
I've spent hours and hours reading this forum and others so I don't think I need any more information about the pros and cons of a system. My mind is made up. Before I ask my questions I'll start with a cautionary tale for anyone else considering a wig.

I met someone online last year who was considerably younger than me and I decided I wanted one then. It is pretty dishonest when I think about it but I did. When she was coming to visit for the first time I went out to buy one not knowing much. I didn't realize that they could custom make them and that it takes time. Well I didn't have time, so I ended up settling for one. It cost me about 1200 bucks. It was nice and very good quality but it didnt fit me right. I was constantly applying tape like i mean spending hours. It was full cap btw, which I dont require as Im only bald on top but front to back. My sides and back are thick and wavy. Anyway, I was constantly adjusting it. Constantly pulling it down. Constantly worrying about it coming off. Waking up and sneaking to the bathroom. It came off a couple of times at terrible times. Wish I could laugh about it, you do that for me ok? My girlfriend knew I wore it anyway and didn't care as long as I liked it. Anyway we broke up a few months back and I've decided I want another one but have it custom made and maintained professionally. If you are thinking about it don't be a dummy like I was, take your time and do it right.

Last week I went to a hair club for a consultation. I'm not going to name it unless someone asks me via pm because maybe I'm not being fair. But a few things really turned me off about it. First of all I was told the price for 2 systems was 2500 plus tax and then only if you went each month for a 200 session where they reapply it. The price for one system was 3295. I said thats crazy and doesnt make sense and she said she was going to talk to her manager and came back and told me i could get one for 2895. Why one was more expensive than two? Beats me. She told me something about it being "a la carte" which didn't make any sense to me but by this point it all felt like such a sales pitch, complete with the "let me check with my manager, today's your lucky day" routine, that I wasn't really listening anymore. I went there with pretty high hopes and left feeling more depressed than when I went in.

So now I need advice. My first piece I would like to have made for me but not online. I dont want to send away for one. I want to be measured and all that and to see it on my head. And I wan't to have it bonded. At least at first. I'll see how it goes and learn to do it myself in time, but I never want to go through what I did before. I felt worse with it on than with it off, and I've been wearing a cap for ten years nearly all of the time, so that tells you how comfortable I am being bald.

Would you recommend buying two? Is it necessary? How does this work with a stylist? Do you go in and they take it off and style it and wash it while you wait and then reapply it? Or do you need two so they can have one ready for you and you just exchange them? Can I go to any men's hairstylist and do this? Here is my biggest question - where the heck do I buy one? I can find almost zero information on this in my city of Ottawa Ontario. I do web searches and all I find is links to hair clubs and surgeons. Should I be calling regular men's salons? The only place I know is where I bought the first one and although it was my fault for rushing, I'm also a little ticked off about how she told me how well it fit. When you first try something, you aren't sure how it is supposed to feel. So I took her word for it. But I don't know where else to go. I'm not expecting to be so lucky to get a specific place to go here but it sure would be great. But failing that I'll take any info I can get.

Thank you and sorry for the long post

08-22-2011, 06:25 AM
Hey Allen,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience using a system in the past. I myself am considering getting a couple, and to answer one of your questions, having two systems allows you to use one every other month which prolongs their life.....I think that's the idea. You are right to get one personally fitted so it sits perfectly on your head. The one company I found that seemed impressive while doing some research is empowerhair.com, check it out. The only problem is it's based only in the UK in a number of cities, however in saying that, once you go to get measured and then a second time when it's ready (takes about 2-3 months) you can reapply the system yourself every few weeks from home. They say you can play active sports in it, shower in it, style it with gel, wax, spray etc. You can also slick it back so it looks as if the hairs are growing out of your own scalp. Be sure to take a look at their gallery and see for yourself. I'm hoping to book a consultation (free) with them in the next month or so,

Hope this helps Allen.