View Full Version : Close-up hair pics, Avodart, Spironolactone

08-09-2011, 06:11 PM
Attached are a few close-up pictures of hairs that I plucked from my head. Lately I have been in the habbit of using tweezers and plucking the hair from my head at the location of the itch. Doing this seems to really soothe the itch, though I know it's definitely not helping my balding. I noticed 3 different ends on the hairs that I continue to see. Pictures 1 and 2 seem to be normal but I am unsure about picture 3.

Pic 1 - Hair was in the growing phase, the root pulled out

Pic 2 - Hair was in the dormant phase, hard bulb at end (normal?)

Pic 3 - This one I am unsure about. I am thinking that the follicle is shrinking which is why the hair is so thin at the end, but is this normal for the hair to look like this? Does the shrinking of the follicle occur so fast that if would only effect the end of the hair? I thought that the shrinking of the follicle was a slow process that occured as several hairs are grown and shed. Or is something else possibly going on here?

I would say that I am a norwood 3 and continually have about 55 hairs on my hands when shampooing my hair in the morning. I was on Propecia for 3 months, then switched to generic proscar (5mg) for 10 months. This has had no effect on the hairloss as I continue to lose the same amount as before I started. I decided to try something different so about 2 weeks ago I stopped the generic proscar and started taking 100mg of oral Spironolactone and 1 week ago I also started taking 0.5mg of Avodart. So far I really haven't had any side effects beside low ejaculate, which was actually worse on the Propecia... it's gotten better since I got on Avodart, which seems to not make sense since Avodart is supposedly so much stronger.

Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated, especially about picture 3. I also took some dated photos when I switched to the new meds so I can compare pictures down the road and show my progress or lack thereof.