View Full Version : What can Propecia do for my hair loss situation ?

08-07-2011, 01:01 AM
So i have been on and off the idea of starting Propecia, but i will admit it scares me a lot, anyway that is another topic, for now i want to understand exactly what it's potential is, first i'll explain my hair loss to you and then i hope you can give me some feed back. I'm 28 years old and i guess my hair has been thinning for 1 - 2 years, i don't understand because i am the only one in our family who has this problem with hair loss, if i grow it, it still looks like a normal full head of hair to someone else, but when it's cut short i can notice my temples are thinning out and maybe i have lost some thickness throughout my hair. It is mainly on the temples i still have my same hairline, but the hairs are very light coloured and around half the thickness and size of my healthy hair.

So will Propecia be able to thicken up those smaller lighter coloured hairs on my temples, to tell you the truth i am just hoping to maintain it for when or if Histogen comes along in the next 3 or so years, will it do that for me ?

08-07-2011, 02:44 AM
If I were you I would give propecia a try. If you go to Dr. Bernsteins site you can see the results of his patients on propecia. I've been on it a year and it has thickened my hair. You can get generic Proscar 5mg and cut it in quarters and save a lot of money. In the sates you can get it for $9 and cut in quaters it only costs $2.25 a month. I Think you can hold your hair loss until Histogen or something else comes on. You can find Dr. Bernsteins web page on the home page. He is IAHRS recommended.

08-07-2011, 03:08 AM
Mr Ryan -

As a user of the medication myself, my opinion would be that you may be an excellant candidate for the drug. You have minimal loss, your goal is retention and I assume you are fairly young. I share your optimism with regards to the potential for Histogen but I would advise that you remain realistic with regards to when this will be available. You would need to be comfortable with the idea that it is possible that once you start, you may find that you will have to stay on the drug for another ten years. If an alternative arrives before this, then all well and good. I hope things come to fruition before then but it is always wise to be conservative.

Have a listen (If you haven'y already) to Spencer's interview with Dr Ziering with regards to Histogen


You will notice that he says that it is better to "Under promise and over deliver". Whilst I have taken this comment a little out of context, the point is still relevant.

I think one of the big issues at the moment is that of new users of the drug dealing with the influx of negative feedback on Propecia. This is turn may affect their decision to try it.

I have recently raised a few questions with one or two of the anti - Propecia forum members (Propecia Victim, etc). I admit that there are some interesting facts and perspectives that emerge from talking to these guys. I don't neccasarily agree with them all but I respect that they are bringing to light information that should be considered. However, whilst there is something of a backlash with regards to the negative effects of the drug, there continues to be thousands who benefit without incident. I would put myself in this group, yet I am neither advocating and denouncing anyone getting a prescription. Good luck to you either way.