View Full Version : 20 years old, looking for some advice

08-05-2011, 03:28 PM
Hey guys, my name is Kal and I realized I was starting to bald early this summer when I decided to get a buzz cut and saw my temples were thinning. Overall I have a full head of hair with probably half a centimeter-3/4 cent of my hairline receded and my right side is a little higher. My crown has a tiny thinning circle. I have come here for advice, my father is almost all bald, my brother is on the big three (hes 29 years old) and he has a decent head of hair but definately thin. I believe my balding jumpstarted after being starting college and taking hard classes and the stress/depression of having my girlfriend dump me. I ate very unhealthy all year but have started to incorporate veggies and fruits into all my meals and I started working out again and definately it has helped my appearance. Im gonna go to a doctor in a few weeks but I was curious to what you guys think is the best hairloss treatment is for a 20 year old. Rogaine, Propecia, Spectral, Proscar, etc. I heard about the side effects of Propecia and I am willing to try it due to me having a really high sex drive (maybe getting the sides of having a lower sex drive will help lol) and it seems easier to do everyday than Rogaine. I am however worried about me starting a regimen during college and having my hair shed a lot and make my balding noticeable. Any suggestions?