View Full Version : Follicular Unit Extraction VS Strip/Incision

08-04-2011, 02:44 PM
A year ago I was contemplating transplant via the strip incision method -but really objected to the idea of shaving already good existing hair-I've got a receding hairline- and also signing a waiver which said the stress of transplants may damage exisiting healthy hair. I've read articles on the FUE procedure which basically removes hairs one at a time-but survival rates of those hairs are lower. I'm almost 60- and figure what I have will stick with me. I understand FUE is a relatively new alternative to strips and takes more time. I like the idea of no marks in 2 days. Is there Anybody out there that has had this procedure or can comment on someone who has had it? The Clinic offering the service is near Washington DC.