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08-01-2011, 06:22 AM
Hey, im a 27 male with a receding hairline or at least i think it is. Here is the proper link...


here are some questions i have

1. I was wondering what i am on the norwood scale?
2. Should i start propecia?
3. If worst comes to worst how many graft hair transplant do i need?
4. I heard some people say it is not good to get a hair transplant when you just start to lose hair.. why is that? I am a noob so excuse my dumb questions.
5. Does propecia help with the frontal or does it only thicken up the vertex?
6. I used to cut my hair short all the time now im afraid if i cut it bald people see how badly i am receding. Any advice is appreciated fellas.
7. If i just let my hair stay relaxed when it is long or even pony tail it when it is long it is not that noticeable. The only time it is noticeable is when i pull it back and take a picture like i did below.
8. Do you think the fact i pull my hair back really hard makes my hair looks more recessed than it is?
Here are some of my photos... if you guys need clearer shots let me know or if any experts want to see me via skype let me know as well through pm i wil shoot you my skype. (no homo)

08-24-2011, 10:26 AM
I can't view the image, but I'd imagine that if you only recently started to recede, you are most likely still a norwood 2 if indeed it is "receding" and is not simply a mature hairline. But it sounds like you are basically in the same position as I am.

The first thing I'd recommend doing is get all the information you can on your family history of MPB. Keep in mind that the old "your mother's father" is not an accurate indicator. If I went by this, I would still have a strong hairline, yet I do not.

I can't comment on the effectiveness of Propecia in the temple region from experience, but I was told by a hair specialist that it is not usually effective there.

I would recommend picking up a 6 month supply of Kirkland 5% Minoxidil (available on Amazon), since it's comparatively very cheap, doesn't require a prescription, and doesn't have the side-effects associated with it that come with Finasteride. What've you got to lose? Keep in mind it could take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to see results.

As for a possible hair transplant, the number of follicles will be solely dependent on your hair type and follicle size. Typically, finer/straighter hair will require more grafts to achieve the illusion of density than thicker/wavy hair. But those who say to wait until later for a hair transplant are offering good advice. Assume that you acted now and got a hair transplant for your temple region, then years down the road you end up completely bald. Now you are in bad position of having nice full temple regions, but not enough donor hair (from the back and sides) to cover the rest of your head.

Hope that helps!