View Full Version : Perhaps just an unfortunate family trait?

07-29-2011, 07:25 PM
Hi, im aged 19 and going through one of my phases where im worried that im going bald and thought id ask for your opinion here, might stop me worrying.

I first noticed my hairline a couple of years ago when I was 17 (didn't ever consider the possibility of balding before then). Before i got a job my dad always cut my hair and through my teen years i often got the piss taken out of me by my mates over my hair and I never understood why i couldn't get my hair to look good.

The reason was that my hairline made it hard for any hairstyle to look good. My hairline is high up, the center is normal but the temples receded. Looking at photos I realized I have had this exact same hairline since I hit puberty (maybe even before that, as a kid i had a big fringe so its hard to tell).

Looks like this, maybe the temples are even a tad higher up.

My grandad did go bald but im not sure what age, there are barely any photos of him, I think it was around aged 50 though since my mum said he wasn't bald when she was growing up. My dad has a full head of hair.

So yeah, normally i'd be resigned that I was going bald however:
1. I've had the same hairline since aged 13 and it hasn't receded anymore (from what i cant tell)
2. My mother has a very similar hairline
3. My cousins have the same mother's father (i looked at photos of them at my age and they had the whole long hair thing going on so you couldn't see their hairline, however their hairline looks similar now aged 35ish and they aren't bald).
4. My hair is very thick and shows no signs of thinning on the crown or anywhere else.

So basically im wondering whether it COULD be an unfortunate family trait rather than me going bald, or whether im just REALLY unlucky and started going bald in my early teens. Would it be worth seeing a hair specialist doctor (forgotten what they are called ).

Cheers for reading, appreciate it.