View Full Version : Miniaturization

07-24-2011, 01:40 PM
hi guys,

i see about 3-4 (and sometimes none at all) miniaturized hairs when i shampoo my hair (i drop about 10-15 strands in the shower).

i was just wondering if miniaturized hairs are a DEFINITE sign of MPB.

is it possible that these miniaturized hairs stem from a bad follicle? could miniaturized hair be a sign of something else? can it be temporary?


ps: ive done extensive research on MPB but im still unsure if im going bald. i have no obvious receding hairline. the main reasons i would believe so would be because my hair doesnt look as thick anymore (diffused thinning), i have increased hairfall. about 30 a day and the miniaturized hairs.