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07-21-2011, 02:18 AM
Result posted on another forum by Tara, (Dr Fellers Technician)

New hairline by Dr. Alan Feller
Hello all. I have been asking Dr Feller to post this result for a few months now but he thought it was too small a case to bother sharing, but I think these results were very dramatic and that others would want to see them.

I remember Mr. M and he had good hair features on top but had just lost his hairline. Dr. Feller filled the area with "pure one-hair grafts" as he calls them because it was right on the hairline and Mr. M is Asian with thick hair. We use mantis microscopes to disect our grafts and Dr. Feller hovered over all of us during Mr. M's procedure inspecting the grafts to make sure there were nothing but one hair follicles used.

Mr. M was all smiles when he came into the office to show off his new hairline to Dr. Feller after 8 months of growth.

We did 1,300 all single grafts on him 8 months before the after photos were taken and put them into a "dense-pack" as Dr. Feller calls it.

I hope nobody finds the surgery picturs too upsetting because there is some blood in them. If someone does I'll remove them.

Hair Transplant Technician



08-30-2011, 04:03 PM
I have a two fold question here...

Are most patients of hair transplants able to have the operation done without shaving the head completely?
How come Dr. Feller wasn't able to prescribe me anything, in more specific the finasteride that he recommended I take for 6-12 months before contemplating surgery? (My question here is not why I should take finasteride for 6-12 months but why wasn't he able or why did he not prescribe it to me and I had to get it from my md?)

08-30-2011, 04:42 PM
just to add: i wish i had this guys hairline pre-op lol