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07-19-2011, 05:36 AM
I posted a thread a while back explaining my situation. This is a paste of that thread and my current situation and pics are at the bottom.

Hi guys,

For the past 4-5 months I have had a s***load of shedding every single day. I mean, I run my fingers through my hair and I can see strands on them and if I just lightly stroke my hair I can see strands falling. I wake up and see 5/6 strands on my pillow, I take a shower and lose at least 40 strands of hair. Putting gel on I can see 5/6 strands on my hands. It's really unbearable.

I had VERY thick hair throughout my childhood, so much so that I couldn't sport some styles. That's all gone now and I'm really worried because my hair is my best feature so you can imagine how I'd look without it.

Here are the pictures...


The hair is a lot finer than it was before and as you can see from the sides people can clearly see my scalp.

Please help.


Firstly I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who replied to that thread - you guys were probably the reason I managed to avoid a lot of stress and pass my exams and gain entry to college.

Now, I shaved my hair more than a month ago to see if it would get better and in the pictures below you can see how much they've grown (pics taken 5 mins ago). As soon as I shaved my head I went to the doctor and she said that she could see little bald spots on the sides and in the back and that this was alcopecia areata but she couldn't answer any questions on my I was shedding SO many hair and the thinning so she referred me to a hair specialist who I'm going to see near the middle of August. She said they'd give me a little tube which should cure the bald spots but when I asked her about the shedding she didn't know anything.

So I just wanted to ask you guys how my hair is looking now. I'm shedding even more hair now and I really am not sure if my hairline has gotten worse or not so I'm hoping you guys could help me with that. Also I put almond oil before those pictures so it's a little better when my hair is dry but still as you can see it's not looking good. Could this really be mpb? I'm having to work 2 job a to save up money for college and literally can't even afford a pint right now let alone 30 a month for Propecia... :(





07-19-2011, 12:59 PM
I replied more in depth in your other thread as something you said alarmed me. Here I'll just say that your hair still looks very thick, your hairline still looks great and if it does turn out that you have MPB then you've caught it very early and stand a good chance of treating it.