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07-19-2011, 04:06 AM
hi guys I'm on a phone so I won't be able to type much. If you go to my post history you'll find a thread with my pics and how worried I was.
About a month ago I completely shaved my head and went to my doctor and saw little bald spots on the site and back of my head and said I had alcopecia something and booked me in for a derm appointment in august. I looked up this and came across the diffuse alcopecia areata which I think I have, but I'm still not sure because my temples are losing hair but so are my sides so I'm really confused as to if this is mpb or as the doctor told me, alcopecia.

Do you guys think I should trust the doctor and wait until my appointment with a specialist in a months time and not stress until then? Because its ridiculous at how much hair I'm shedding. If this is mpb after all then tbh I want it to be very aggressive so I can save up and get a hair transplant asap and I might look into steroids to speed up the mpb.

Looking at my old pictures, what do you guys think this is? Ill post new pics of my short hair when I get to a computer next.

07-19-2011, 12:56 PM
Hold your horses there, man. You actually want your hairloss to speed up and are considering provoking it by using steroids, just so you can get a hair transplant?! Please explain your reasoning for this.

I just saw your photo thread but I'll comment here. Firstly, your crown looks totally solid from what I can tell. Just the normal amount of scalp showing where the hairs spread out.

Your hairline is low and looks dense. Basically no improvement could be made with a transplant. It's possible that you've lost some hair at the temples in the time between the two sets of photographs, but it's not time for panic stations yet as the differences in angle and how you're holding your hair back could account for what are no more than very minor changes at most.

I do notice the thinner patches at the sides and back and I believe your doctor was right with her diagnosis.

I would continue to monitor things between now and your appointment with the derm, but do it in a non-obsessive manner. When you do see them, be sure to press for a thorough examination of the temple area, making it clear that you need to know whether you're in the early stages of Androgenic Alopecia. They are likely to be more focused on treating the other, non-MPB issue as they'll see it as the priority and the problem they have the greater chance of solving for you.

07-19-2011, 05:41 PM
Wtf why would you want to speed up your hair loss if you have any? How will that help you with a hair transplant?? You're not thinking logically here man

07-19-2011, 06:16 PM
Take steroids? lol- I think the host of other side effects [i.e. the possibility of growing tumours in your liver] might be a better reason to abstain from this particular idea you have cultured.

Christ will someone provide a better treatment already? Why does it take 10 years to go from theory to lab testing? They were on about wnt proteins in the 1970's... what's taken them so long? 12 ****ing years ive been waiting on that dickhead swindler Gho and still he can't provide solid proof.