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07-17-2011, 03:06 AM
Hey guys,

I've went passed this website a couple times, and read some threads, and was impressed by the level of understanding amongst you guys.

Well here's my story..

I had a really nice head of hair.. and of course i took full advantage of it, did my styles etc..

I was living the high life.. was that asshole who could get any girl..
I had the prettiest girl in highschool, was up for homecoming king, was pretty popular.

i would get complements daily on my hair, from both men and women.

I started thinning a bit, at the age of 16..

it wasnt too bad, i could still style it and mask the thinning a bit..

i tried rogaine it worked for me.. but heres where it goes all down hill..

i actually recovered most of my lost hair, my thin spots gained density, and i was happy..

One day i ran out of rogaine, and i asked my mom to get me a new set (the 3 month thing or w/e)

since i was 16.. had no job/car couldnt really support myself or get it for my self, or i would have.

So my mom, thinking shes this all smart person, thinks always she knows best, decides to "Punish" me by not getting me a new set, since my room wasnt clean.

months pass rooms clean, but rogaine goes to the back burner, my hair was back for the most part, so i just stopped using it, as my mom still hadn't gotten it for me..

to my surprise

1 month passed..

now its the 4th month off rogaine, (i grew my hair out.. just a bit)

didnt really notice the hair loss too much.. but i started shedding crazy like you couldnt touch my head with out hair falling out..

at that point it was too late for me..

my punishment for not cleaning my room..

2 years later im 18 years old, with really bad hair loss..

i dont have a current pic with my hair loss

but ill post an example of what my current situation looks like


idk, im fine with my mom, and dont blame her.. but its like i still resent her doing what she did to me, regardless if she knew what the outcome was going to be, but i told her.. idk just ugh...

so fast forward to today..

im 18 years old, i dont leave my house w/o a hat, im always self conscience of my appearance..

im considering hair transplant soon, im going off to college and i really cant live my college years like i spent my senior year of highschool.. ashamed of my self.. and hiding from the "light"

ive spoken to many people on getting a hair transplant, money is not really an issue.. i would go to any extent to honestly go back to the way things were.. ive read that you shouldnt really get it at a young age.. but man if i lost my hair at a young age im obviously going to want to get a transplant, not in 10 years when im completely ****ing bald and useless.. idk im just really hard on my self.

i feel i really cant live a normal life.. ive skipped out on vacations, to avoid embarrassment, sure i go out live life, have fun.. but its never that PURE joy.. i have not experienced that in 2 years.. and saying this @ 18 really hurts.

its just a really shitty topic.. and im sure most of you guys agree, i even see the "AFTER" results from hair transplants, and im not satisfied, i just continue to pray just to get MY old hair back, im pretty ridiculous.. but man ive really lost all hope..

07-17-2011, 02:56 PM
If money isn't an issue if it comes to HT, how come you couldn't afford to buy Rogaine yourself then instead of waiting for your mom to buy it ? At 16 I don't see how you're so dependent on your mom to offer you the $ 30 to buy Rogaine. Why don't you try Rogaine again ?

07-17-2011, 03:15 PM
Or hows abouts a H'S'T? :D

07-17-2011, 07:19 PM
why don't you get on rogaine again? and it's not like rogaine can halt your hair loss progression indefinitely. you could have lost hair even if you were using rogaine.

07-18-2011, 02:26 AM
Hey my friend, Just so your aware your not alone with the youth aspect of hair loss Bro. Im 19 hitting 20 in December, and I sometimes feel like the world is somewhat going to end because I wont be the " handsome, hot, good looking " dude anymore. But honestly, as I have learned the hard way with many other different events and struggles so far at 19 my friend, struggling through this is by FAR not the end of the world for you. There is hope, but I can relate EXACTLY with you bro and I want to share with you what I've come to realize.
First, Ima explain.
At 18 I came to realize that my hair was receding a bit in the temple areas. At first I ignored it because I knew this was eventually going to happen and decided I would deal with the emotional struggles that would come along later on when it got worse. 6 months went by and It never crossed my mind again. 6 months ago my hair began shedding increasingly making me not so much depressed, but more anxious as to what to expect. When would it be noticeable to others? How is my life going to change? Will I still be able to do the things im doing now that give me self confidence? Will I be judged? Will people still like me? Will others still find me attractive? Will I ever be happy with my self image? Thinking about these things were the culprits for my past and re-occurring depression. They brought fear.. thinking about the future with me having no hair on the top of my head.. brought alot of fear.. and as a result gave me depression. Then it occurred to me that for the last few thousand years guys our age and older have been dealing with this same bullcrap, but yet they still lived and survived and more than likely, still lived happy and normal lives. Researched it. I was right. So whats the difference between then and now... It's simple. Society tells us we cant be happy unless we look or act a certain way, or that we wont be able to have sex, or that we wont be able to have relationships, and that we wont be able to be happy, have fun, etc, etc. Everything my friend is tied together on an insightful point of view, and from my insightful point of view, just because a male is losing his hair doesnt mean he is doooomed lol. Honestly, im debating if I want to just shave my head completely. Here is why: I dont know what I would look like with my head completely bald. What if I look good? Then what the hell.. theres no problem.. im happy with my bald head and can style my facial hair to make me look like a beast ass male. What If I dont think I look good bald? Well, heres whats going to happen. (1) Im going to have no choice but to accept my looks for what they are. (2) I can learn to love myself regardless and just either focus on a mild short term/long term goal to get HT when I can afford it. However, atleast dealing with the emotions at the worst it will ever get when Im completely bald will ensure my strength as a man later on.

Quite often I find friends of mine and others on facebook judging people for their looks and insecurities. Im always the first one there to make them re-check their statements, because its always them who are insecure to begin with.

Your story was something I picked Up On my friend. I dont have a dam link of a picture but fb.com/Jpesh1 bro, hit me up ^

07-18-2011, 05:10 PM
seems like hair loss is a non-issue for you. why are you on TBT again? lol just saying.

07-21-2011, 11:59 AM
seems like hair loss is a non-issue for you. why are you on TBT again? lol just saying.

If your going to honestly suggest that the inevitable for some of us ( losing our hair ) is something we need to direct and focus our minds on rather than accepting the ( bald truth ), then learn2live my friend. Stop trolling. Evaluate the website domain. Comprehend it.