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07-15-2011, 02:27 PM
Hello everyone,
Not sure how to do this whole blogging thing as its my first time (cliche i know) and apologies now if my grammer,spelling are incorrect.
Anyway I got back from Poland and had my first hair tranplant with Dr Marwan Saifi on the 7th July 2011.
(Marwan Saifi, M.D. -http://www.abhrs.com -American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS))
Prior to flying out I spoke to the Doctor and spoke about my expectations etc, he was really cool to chat to and put me at ease, he gave me a few options and told me that I would probably need two operations for the density that I required. Not once did I speak to sales person and/or secretary to discuss price etc( unlike some Harley Street clinics to which I wont mention their names).
The Doctor never pushed me once or called me back, he just informed me with the options and sent me pictures of patients he worked on.

I was a bit weary because he was one of the most reasonable priced surgeons around (yes I know one should never base something as important as HT down to cost but I still couldnt afford the £14K FUE treatment I was quoted). We spoke about doing the strip procedure and after a few more lengthy phone conversations and seeing more pic's and finding much as I can about the Doctor I decided he was right for me.
The reason why I personally went for the strip procedure was after trawling through the wealth of info that is on the web I felt Strip would be best suited for me due to the coverage require and the survival rate of hair follicules
So having arrived in Wroclaw, Poland, I was picked up by his taxi driver Chris, and we made our way to the clinic, there I was greeted by the Doctor who was taking a break during an FUE procdure. He ask if I wished to see the patient and the room where the surgery was being performed. All I can tell you from my untrained eye, everything looked clean,hygenic and very professional(and that shouldnt be a reason to go see him ..lol) but I could tell/sense I was in good hands.

So now i'm in my hotel that was booked by the Doctor, they even pay for the first night!! (I stayed two nights). The place itself and the location was very nice(suprisingly) lots of bars and places to eat had I known I would of spent a couple more days prior to my HT, oh by the way there are some sersiously stunning women there , everywhere I turned when I was walking around the "square" I was seeing models..lol I kid you not!!

oh yea back to my story...
I wasn't tensed or anything like that the night before, I guess I couldn't really believe I was finally here.
Now day of the HT, the taxi driver Chris came to pick me up, I went into the room to change, they gave me something to calm me down although even at this point I still couldnt believe i was here, so I was very at ease.
Our plan was to go for 2500 -3000 grafts to cover the front part of my head and then come back for another 2500-3000 grafts the second time around to do the back.

Now I read its better to go for small sessions as opposed to doing a mega session( i guess we all have our opinions on that).
I told the Doctor I want to restore my hairline and I didnt want to go above it, he was good as he listen to what I wanted and although I should of listen to him as he was more experience , I was dead set on wanting to restore my original hairline. I told the doctor I do realise as I'm a norwood 6 i will not have my youthful hair but I was willing to use Nanogen/dermatch.

So we started about 10am and finished at around 7pm. There was no TV but I had my phone with me and listened to music and sometimes i nodded off to sleep, but i stayed awake more or less throughout.

The doctor performs all of the surgery from cutting the strip to lateral slits on top of the head, he had a nurse to help him insert the hair folicales but that was all but the majority of that was also performed buy the Doctor.
At the end they managed to get a total of 2750 grafts.

And here are my results so far , I havent gone past the 10th day mark,
I guess the only real way I can say I will be happy is after I see the results.
I just cant wait to stop using this hairpiece which I have been using since the age of 22 , I'm now 40, wow how time flies.

Pre surgery from my experience rub that scalp both the donor area and reciepient area, I think I could of done with a lot more days rubbing my head.

hope this has been helpful I thought it only fair to write something of my experienced as I gained knowledge from forums/sites etc.

Folks I dont know why the pictures arent showing , i guess i am breaking some rule, any help appreciated

12-29-2012, 11:25 AM
Hello I found Dr M Saifi on the normal site europesurgery so far I been impressed with the service. I spoken to David at first who is in the Uk who seems very chatty and friendly. I have also spoken directly to the surgeon who is easy to chat to on the phone as when you email you get a direct email back from the surgeon when you email on the site. I think this is all very good I just wondered if anyone else had been to him? I thought i come on this site and message a few people. :)