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07-10-2011, 11:02 PM
Hello Freinds..
new guy..need expereinced advice to carry on....

Just 20 days back I meet the doctor.. for loosing hair..my hair allready thin at front just above forhead M shaped ..
docs go for blood work for testestorone and docs says its okay
And my regimen as bellow

I am used to with short hair . like 1inchlong.

Krikland Minoxidil 5% : 1mg (2x/day) [I got a gift Rogein Foam + Liquid :: 3+3 bottol ,so from next month will be on Rogein for next 6 months : night liquid , morning foam ]
Recur (Finestraid) : 1mg/Day
Retinal Forte (A) : orally for 20days.
Nizoral 2% : every 4days
Heand & Shoulder or Green Tea shampoo for regular use.

Im a non smoker / Non Alcoholic.
Age : 35yrs.
well my probs is simillar to bellow image (this is not my pic) but probs is similar that fortline hair loose . All most most Norwoord 2A.

well after started medicine : I had Slight Headache [Now its gone] . Pimple on face [ i am using mens face wash been long - pimple are not totally gone , but reduced]
Always apply minox after shower .Some time I applied Minox on slightly wet scalp /some time dry .
On minox for 20days - found more hair on my hand during shower...seemed fornthair more thinner after start using minox...

pls advice what els I have to do....

07-11-2011, 02:25 AM
I will post blood test report details.. so any Docs can review more clearly