View Full Version : Thoughts on HT without Propecia

07-07-2011, 10:24 PM
I am curious as to what people here think about the idea of getting a HT without also going on Propecia. Do reputable clinics generally accept HT patients who do not respond well to propecia or who refuse to take it?

I am seriously considering a HT, but I couldn't commit to a lifetime of Propecia use. I was on Propecia for about nine months but quit due to side effects, and I don't think the drug did much for me anyway. My hair loss definitely continued while I was on it. Perhaps it slowed my hair loss down, but if it did, I couldn't really be sure. I do know that the sides were very real and noticeable, and not something I would like to repeat.

07-08-2011, 04:17 AM
Surgeons will perform hair transplants on patients who aren't using Propecia, but it depends how fast you're losing hair. How long ago did you first notice your hairloss and what Norwood stage are you at now?

If you're noticing a continuing change in your hair during a short span of time then it might not be in your best interests to undergo surgery.

07-08-2011, 08:55 AM
I first noticed the hair loss about two years ago, and right now I am probably a NW 3. My problem area is the frontal 1/3. I have always had a high hairline, but now the front looks moth eaten and unhealthy. It is tough to say how fast the hair loss is progressing. I don't think I "shed," like some people do, but I notice a hair or two that comes off in my hand when shampooing or styling my hair.

Would a doctor be able to make an educated guess about what my hair loss would progress to if nature takes its course? None of my family members are NW 7s, but if I thought that was my genetic destiny, I would forget about a HT and just shave everything down.

07-08-2011, 09:45 AM
Hairloss can progress faster, but if your frontal third has taken a noticeable hit in just 2 years then that is fairly rapid, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean it'll continue at the same rate.

A doctor could examine you closely for miniaturization to see if there is much going on in areas other than the frontal third. A regular GP or even a dermatologist probably isn't equipped or knowledgeable enough to do this though, so it's best to seek a trichology specialist or a transplant doctor for this.

07-08-2011, 01:08 PM
Whenever the side-effects are present, many docs will cut back the frequency of the med so the side-effects are not an issue. But only a qualified physician can consult you on this issue.

If you took Propecia "as directed" and you still did not notice any real changes in reducing your hairloss progression, then your goals and expectations should only be re-visited with a great deal of reality.

It is highly recommended that you approach your situation as if you will sustain the maximum level of hairloss. Meaning, if you do decide to enhance your frontal third zone, then hairlines must be situated higher and thinner. The idea of considerable restoration is not a reality so other areas like your crown for example would need to be compromised.

In other words, IMHO, men like yourself can approach the idea of some minor level of restoration that appears more like a "reversal of time". Adding just a light level of density by increasing the level of FUcm2 in your frontal zone can potentially increase or accentuate the framing of your face. It is the indirect post-op effect by drawing the eye drift back to your facial features rather than the eye focusing on the dramatic thinning that's going on in the frontal zone.

Why do I keep bringing up the frontal zone? Because that's the area of high visual impact. We are viewed from the front more than any other viewpoint as we interact with various people throughout our days. You'll get the most visual bang for your buck!

Hope this makes some sense. Feel free to email me some pics in strict confidence if you like and then I can give you a better idea of which areas I feel you may visually gain from.;)