View Full Version : WNT and Noggin (Question for Dr. Ziering)

07-03-2011, 10:07 PM
I really think that Craig Ziering and Histogen are really on the right track with using WNT proteins to produce hair in humans. It was found out in 2003 that the combination of WNT and Noggin proteins lead to a pit being formed in the skin which telling stem cells to become hair as opposed to skin. So maybe Dr. Ziering could add Noggin proteins into HSC mix and possibly develop a more potent solution to regrow hair. Here is the article that I am referring to: http://mg.co.za/article/2003-05-12-meet-wnt-and-noggin-the-cause-of-hair-growth. I'm sure that everyone here, including myself, has immense respect for Dr. Ziering for trying to develop an effective hair loss solution.
On the other side of the coin, although this Elaine Fuchs lady is responsible for the finding in the aforementioned article, she's a representation of some of these researchers and scientists and doctors out there that I really can't stand. She's been making all of these discoveries for like 25 years, yet never bothers to experiment on these discoveries to benefit humans. All of her discoveries are on mice, and she never even attempts to see if these discoveries could benefit humans. We have so many scientists like this who will spend their whole careers making a living doing these tests on mice, selling their articles to news publications saying that their discoveries 'could', 'may', or 'might' lead to a cure for hair loss. And they never do a damn thing to benefit humans.
So who knows, maybe if Dr. Ziering added Noggin proteins to the mix, then that would make the HSC solution that much more effective. And finally, many thanks to people like Dr. Ziering, Dr. Cotsarelis, and Dr. Greco who are working on non-invasive treatments to cure hair loss (a disease which negatively affects the lives of millions of Americans, myself included). If some of these non-invasive treatments would work, I really think that so many more people would come out of the woodwork and pay whatever it costs for treatments. After all, so many people suffer from hair loss yet so very few (myself included) want to deal with the invasive procedure of a hair transplant.