View Full Version : Just started Finasteride

07-02-2011, 12:24 PM
After doing lots of research on the subject and gaining advice from a patient advisor, I' eventually gave in to starting some treatment on finasteride (after months of sceptism). I'm just hoping to stabalise the hair loss and maybe get some hair regrowth. I've been taking it for 2 weeks and so far so good as I haven't had any side effects.

I'm interested to know from people who are BENEFITING from the drug (no side effect issues please as I'm fully aware of these and I'm just interested in the positives) and whether they feel they have responded really well with it. Some before and after (if any) photos would be interesting to look at. I'm curious about how long it seems to take for the drug to kick in and whether any people have noticed some good hair regrowth from it. I use concealer (Nanogen Nanofibres) at the minute to cover the top scalp area but my plan is to HOPEFULLY notice some regrowth on the top so that I can eventually stop relying on concealer.

I'm considering that if after at least 6 months I don't notice much regrowth, to try combining minoxidil but not yet because I may respond well to propecia alone. I'm interested to get peoples advice on this also. Thanks!