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07-01-2011, 10:12 PM
I've been doing a lot of reading on the net and i havent found anyone else who claims to nearly be having the same amount of discomfort I am after having had a HT procedure done 4 days ago. I had work done on the crown area and the pressure is so intense at times it feels like my skull is being crushed. My neck is horribly swollen and I can feel my lymph nodes are incredibly tender and enlarged. I started taking antibiotic wondering if this is all the onset of an infection, but what im wondering if there is anyone who can tell me that what i'm experiencing is normal. The pain is quite intense that I haven't been able to stop taking the pain killer ive been prescribed, and sometimes that itself isnt even enough.

Also when doing the procedure i was told they would inject saline inbetween the scalp to make it easier to do the transplants.. four days later i have this continual sensation of trickling fluid leaking down the back of my head down to my neck, the odd thing is that it is all internal as there is no external fluid discharge, I would really like to know if this is normal or if i've been royally F****d here.

07-02-2011, 12:43 AM
Sorry to hear that. From my own experience with HT, there shouldn't be too much pain after the surgery. Some discomfort is acceptable. Have you tried talking to your doctor ? Man, I hope you didnt screw up choosing your doctor. Check back with him/her.

07-02-2011, 01:34 PM
Your experience sounds very unusual. Did you contact your doctor? Where did you have your hair transplant performed?

07-02-2011, 03:04 PM
Your experience sounds very unusual. Did you contact your doctor? Where did you have your hair transplant performed?

I talked to the doctor and all they say that what i'm going through is to be expected, even though they didn't give me an initial accurate idea of how long the recovery would be. I went to a Dr. Pizarro in florida who is said to have 20+ years of experience doing this procedure and is the first female to enter the field. I've looked online for reviews of her work, and there really isnt much to go on. I've seen other patients of hers ten days after surgery and they seemed to be fine and comfortable, so i'm not sure if I'm just having a difficult time healing or if there is something wrong. I guess it is just a game of wait and see right now. today the pain is a little more tolerable, but i still feel the dripping sensation down the back of my skull. I'm thinking the antibiotic is helping as well.

07-08-2011, 12:42 PM

How much internet research did you do before making your decision or did you find out about your doctor from local advertising in your area such as your local newspaper?

I am not being critical, just really curious becaue she does not show up anywhere as a recommended HT surgeon as far as I know. She is not recommended in this community either or please someone correct me.

Now, IT IS NOT NORMAL to have this level of pain post-op. Nor is the neck swelling, the continual sensation of draining going on, etc, etc. Trust me friend, I am not a doctor but I have followed this industry for 31 years now. Whenever I get a serious complaint from any patient, it almost always involves a doctor unknown in this field. They advertise in their local areas and compete with cheap pricing. IMHO, many of them CLEARLY are incompetent and/or new to the industry.

Get physically examined right now. There are competent, reputable HT sugeons in yiour area and in this dirtectory to get other opinions. We are not doctors here and your case CLEARLY NEEDS ANOTHER MEDICAL OPINIONS.

You might even consider seeing your PCP for an opinion/referral.

I wish you the very best and feel free to email me if you want.