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06-30-2011, 05:43 AM
I've been an avid reader of the forum for a good year and i'm not one to rush into things so I've met with many of the world's top surgeons, discussed the topic at length with you guys on the forum and I finally got to meet the legendary Spex last week in London. My story is probably similar to most, I'm in my early 40s, have been losing my hair for a decade and no matter how many times people have tell me that hair isn't important I've missed it because i genuinely feel and look better with it.

I'm close to getting surgery but sometimes you need to sit face to face with someone who knows the score and Spex certainly does. We chatted candidly for an hour about options with no hint of a hard sell for Dr Feller and it was so refreshing to get an honest, knowledgeable and confident opinion. I was almost talked into going for a megasession but having chatted with the other legend, Gillenator and then Spex, they both helped me see that this would not be the best option for me as I probably have more hair recession to come and so there's no point over harvesting my donor region and leaving nothing for that rainy day. I'll probably end up with 2 surgeries anyway because i've got a massive bald patch of about 90 cm sq on my crown and i'm pretty damn bald, bar a little tuft, at the front too - i'll include a picture at the foot of this post. I've decided now to go for 3500 - 4000 on the front, building a bit of a new hairline of a cm or two and thickening the rest up and i'll leave the crown and any further recession to my sides to a later date. I want to see if i can get away without people noticing too much so there's really no point me going for 5000 - 6000 grafts. Conservative and gradual is the correct course for myself and i'm lucky enough to work for myself so I can hide for a month for my hair to grow to cover the scar, especially if its a smaller scar from less grafts.

Here's my story to date, i'll let you know when i go for surgery and post my results on a regular basis. Once again, thanks to Gillenator and Spex for their honest and reassuring advice.


07-01-2011, 11:47 AM
A pleasure to meet you mate - all the very best! :cool: