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shadow king
06-29-2011, 02:42 AM
I really need someones help i went to my GP about 5 times for my hair loss all they did was a blood test and my blood was a little on iron now is above normal. The last appointment was made by my doctor he just talked saying he cant do anything about it. i even went to differnt doctors at my GP they all gave me nizoral 2% shampoo

all of my hair at the crown is all thin now. most of the front of my hair has fallen out i really dont know what to do now im at the thrid stage of hairloss :(

06-29-2011, 04:01 AM
aw i feel very very sorry for you. I cant imagine how difficult it would be at 16 to have something this terrible especially when you're building self esteem and trying to form relationships at peers

It sounds like you have very aggressive hairloss, I would keep up with the nizoral, and possibly add minox, but im not sure if thats contraindicated for people below 18 so check first. Thats the only thing you can really do right now..:(

06-29-2011, 06:58 AM
If I were u and this is only my opinion I would try something
Like vitamins I mean ur doctor did say u have low iron
Perhaps that's something that is effecting ur hairloss. I mean ur only 16
Ur probably haven't completely finished puberty and at this age I still grew
Little bit after. Perhaps it's something that has to do with ur hormones being really imbalanced. Probably much more than average teenager. u could also try going to
A different doctor and see what's up not all doctors are the same. U should'nt give up bro and as a last resort I guess u could try minoxidil but still I would ask the doctor. I seriously
Would consider getting some hairloss vitamins and tryin for like 3 months. I'm 21 right and I started losing 3 years ago.Now and my hairless may not be as progressive im tellin u even thinking about it scares me to the pit of my stomach cuzz recently I started losing like clumps of my hair I mean like 7 time more than I used to and I'm on propecia for about almost a year. So good luck bro and I hope u best wishes. Peace

shadow king
06-29-2011, 07:21 AM
Thanks for the reply
i took multivitamin for three month i nothing has chnaged
and what do you mean by going to differnt doctor in my GP their are 4 doctor which i went to all of them they all gave me nozrial and told me to do a blood test. When i was young age 13 i had very low calcium level i mean really really low i had 2 injections and i still take adcal d3 tablets

Before i started to lose my hair at late 15 i had a dermatologist for my dry skin condition i ask her if she could see my scalpe and she did and said your scalpe is clean and very healthly.

if you want images of my scalpe i well upload some tomorrow

hairloss history

in my dad side of his family no one has any type of hairloss only he does (my dad)

My mum side of family most of them have hair loss. their are total of 7
grand ma =yes
grand dad = no
aunty = no
my mom= a bit

now mine
mom=a bit
dad=yes only has the m shape age 44
my brother =no has ultra thick hair
sister=no ultra thick hair

06-29-2011, 09:06 AM
Oh I see u saw 5 Different doctors ha and they all said the same thing. Was any of them a dermatologist, specialist that had really good knowledge of all different kinds of hair-loss conditions that a person could have. And I really would like a snapshot that be cool. Ur still taking vitamins right? Um it could be Mabel cuz of alot of stress: depression, anxiety or something traumatic happened. Sorry bro for so many questions just trying to get to know a bit more. Ru fit, and maybe there's certain kind of diet ur on perhaps I guess drug use or maybe certain prescribed Meds I herd can make u loose hair. heck I know this is not it but too much Radiation can cause hair fall. Oh also too much of certain vitamins can also cause hair-loss. Sorry I kinda wrote down my thought on here. I sorta researched on the net not too long ago about different things. I don't know if it works but u could go down to health food store and find specific vitamins that are needed for hair-growth in men. Also there's this product that I myself been trying to use it's called spectral dnc and the company claims that it can regrow in most cases of hair-loss and it comes with special vitamins and herbs that r supposed to help inhibit dht one of the main things that effect mail pattern baldness. It decrease the dht level so they don't attack hair follicles and kill them. And of course it is combined with minoxidil 4.5 % and all that is supposed to be encapsulated into microspheres which are small than a human cell Wich let's them bury deep into the scalp all the way down to the root and stay for up to 12 hours. I'm really sorry if I wrote too much man. I'm just saying this something Im going to try and see if it really works and use it for 3 months. The reason I'm saying this is because I remember reading the directions and it said that it can treat several different kinds of hairloss. Wow! I wrote quit a bit. I'm hoping that mabey I at least helped a tiny bit.

06-29-2011, 09:29 AM
I'v read somewhere that vitamins have to take time to build up and also most treatments require up to six month to see if they work or not and cosmetic difference might not even be seen so quickly hair growth takes a while to be seen too and not forgetting that hair goes through different phases and that also takes time . I'm just saying so many things are possible. By the time the Vitamins build up after every day taking and never missing a dose perhaps ur hair might have finally switched to a growth phase and grew something at least and while ur hair that didn't fall might have gotten thicker. If ur hairfall was caused by stress then I believe specific vitamins and some herbs could definitely help unless the stress hasn't been eliminated and ur body is still constant agony , physical or emotional. Also iv researched that there's a herb called saw palmetto Wich is a herbal remedy for enlarged prostate the propecia that I have been taking is finasteride Wich is a cure for enlarged prostate but also treat male pattern baldness u know what I mean.

shadow king
06-30-2011, 06:58 AM
here are some pictures.








sorry for the big pictures

The middle of my hair is thinning the most
i do still take vitamins

i really cant take any form of tablet their mostly 18 and above is really is hopeless for me :(

im not in stress or anything

you can see only my front is going bald baldy

im going to my GP again and see what they do for me and ask if their is a specialist in my area in hair, btw i live in the uk

dont worry i like reading :)

i really dont mine going bald but the problem is the age i just dont want people to make fun of me in september im going to college i wonder how bald ill be and hopefully finish when im 18 then go uni to study computer science :D

im going to do a buzz cut on tuesday and see how much hair i got left ill post pictures

07-09-2011, 05:58 AM
it doesnt look that bad bro it somewhere on par where im at i know that it says or doctors say not to use minoxidil till your 18 or over but what if you gave it a try for 3 months. Do you think your still growing or not or are u still going through puberty i mean minoxidil shouldnt have any effect on ur hormones at least i dont think so since its not a dht blocker or a or inhibitor so i think you should be fine and if not stop using it if u get side effects but you shouldnt in most people its just in their head trust me i know that their getting side effects from minoxidil, either ur they use it wrong or their just those 2percent that get it what are the odds right. i really think that it might help since you just had your hair fall out recently right so those hairs that should of grown just need a boost since its a hair growth stimulator and it could prevent from losing more in the future also i would recommend using nizarol to remove any flaking and i believe you should try( you don't have to do anything of course this is my opinion) a growth stimulating shampoo called Revita and use a conditioner called Revita COR i thing using both they would help you alot since your a minor and the dont have side effects
and lots of good ingridients youve been using vitamins right so now u need to add something topical and synergize ur upcoming success. Oh and im not trying to advertise these thing believe me i started using both and my scalp doesnt itch anymore at all and also it clears your pores in your scalp just in case if they are your hair that should have grown are stuck and arent getting enough nutrient with blood, again another theory plus it states that it works with multiple different hair loss including MLB but the argument is you dont know for sure and you dont know what ur problem is so don't you think that if u don't have Male Pattern Baldness then in no doubt i tell you that you can regrow hair since therefore if its not MLB u don't have to worry about it being permanent that is why i think that you should definitely try it since it was formulated for stress related,MLB, not enough blood going to the scalp, or some other type that you have a better chance treating other types of hairloss other than MLB faster and can discontinue. sorry i just really wanted to make a point here. im just saying whatever hairloss type u should no doubt get some success since it comes with different vitamines, antioxidants, herbs,katocazenol-which is nizarol, special deliver system,copper peptides, and a whole lot of vital ingridients exactly made for hair loss in a shampoo and conditioner. It even says what its for and whose the candiate for it, which is someone who is 1.losing hair,shedding. 2. caught hairloss in time meaning recently not 10 years ago. 3. flaking,prosiris,itchy scalp,limp oily, thinning 4. slow growth an uneven growth. ok peace dude sorry i wrote so much when i start to put my thoughts on something i just cant stop.

shadow king
07-12-2011, 02:52 AM
Serge808 thanks for helping me out im really grateful to you

i think i have finished puberty i havent got any taller and i have a full bread.
i just did another blood test i should get my results in friday. One of my doctor told me about minoxidil if he doesnt find anything wrong with my blood test he said i should use minoxidil but if anything goes wrong with minoxidil NHS wont be able to help me but he said he will but he only works on monday and tuesday.

and also he recommented me this website: http://www.minoxidil-direct.co.uk/

and what does nizoral do ?

07-18-2011, 10:25 PM
Hey I'm 17 and have a receding hairline too so I know how it feels....like sh*t...according to a couple of studies or somethin ketoconazole..the drug in nizoral..is a mild anti androgen which supposedly helps stop the dht from getting to your hair follicles...it also makes your hair thicker after a while...don't use it everyday though cuz it dries the crap out of your hair...good luck and just know there are other young guys out there who are dealing with the same shitty genetic trait known as Mpb