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UK Boy
06-28-2011, 02:48 PM
NHI ACell Update?
June 27 2011, 2:58 pm PT | Posted in: ACell

Dear Dr. Rassman

You posted on the 5th Nov 2010 that NHI was conducting a study using Acell for hair multiplication. As we are now half way through 2011 I am wondering if you have any updates in regards to the results youíve experience so far. Iíve heard stuff from Dr. Cooley and Dr. Cole but nothing from yourself so far.

I look forward to your answer.


I have seen most of the half dozen people that I performed ACell plucking procedures. They averaged 200-300 plucked grafts. Although there was some growth from the plucked hairs, there was just as much growth in the control group as in the ACell treated group. I would conclude from this that I have not replicated the results reported by others.

With regard to the large number of patients where I used ACell in the wounds of strip surgeries, I have seen some value, although I have not called them all back to evaluate their wounds.

For hair multiplication, I am not considering performing more of these procedures until I view the results of others at the upcoming ISHRS meeting in Anchorage, Alaska this September

06-28-2011, 02:52 PM
like a baby this guy. and i was right he is an asshat and plucked hairs work.

I bet he is gonna wait to get a drift on how to make it easier for hem or in other words "Just copy the others for less labor time"

Who agrees with me

06-28-2011, 03:14 PM
Dr. Rassman never consulted Dr. Cooley before starting his research. Dr. Cooley had poor results over the first year of his experiment as well, only to find his own techniques to improve his results over time. Dr. Rassman would have done well to consult his peers, but egos do get in the way.

It's a shame Dr. Rassman will likely dampen the enthusiasm for autocloning by using antiquated and uninformed techniques. He will likely blame the product rather than the hands that use it.

Stick with Dr. Cooley. He knows what he's doing and he's honest to a fault.

06-28-2011, 03:24 PM
As i said Rassman is the biggest douche in the field he has an Ego which is unbearable.

People can say about Cole what they want, at least he apologized to the hair loss community for his first enraged dismiss of regenerative ideas

Mojo Risin
06-28-2011, 03:41 PM
Rassman is a ****ing idiot.

06-28-2011, 04:04 PM
Okay so the Acell didnt hit the mark [in this case] but it's good to hear even SOME regrowth from plucked hairs.

06-28-2011, 04:42 PM
Hey UK_ do you really believe Rassman would admit Acell to work, this guy is pissed, really pissed because other people were faster and smarter then him again.

He is an idiot and no one will deny this, i can tell you exactly what will happen.

Rassman will do plucking anyhow and then in september if his results are not that good he will ask cooley and hitzig in front of others to make sure that they cant jiggle away.

They will of course tell him how they did it and then Rassman will claim this for himself and charge utopical prices for that, unless you o there for a hair tattoo of course.

You can look at hair site at my thread about being pro active i predicted this kind of stuff and what we have to do to establish a new standrd in hair transplant surgery.

But with this answer, Rassman disqualified himself for me as a surgeon i would go to, for the easy reason because he got hair growth and success with plucked hairs but is not pursuing this anymore. So its clear to me he is a money grabbing asshole who doesnt care about his patients.

Follicle Death Row
06-28-2011, 06:28 PM
Rassman will be like "plucked hair has questionable merit...How about I tattoo your head instead...It's way better anyway."

This is like FUE all over again. He'll say it has no merit then get Dr. Cooley to show him and then go "Huzzah...I have invented Regenerative Tweezer Follicular Unit Extraction. The technique is mine, mine I tells ya."

06-28-2011, 07:03 PM
@Richard - to be honest, from reading Rassman's response, it doesn't seem as though he has put much effort into his plucking procedure:

"oh well errr... yes err.... I had a quick look at the half dozen of my patients and saw some regrowth but errr.... TATTOOOOOO!!!!!!! TATTOOOOOO!!!!!"

....I admit people give Rassman far too much praise, and after all this time all he yielded was scalp pigmentation. He plays down all the new developments and his "realest" responses to questions are starting to seem like the annoying disposition of an irritating neg head.

There are far too many developments in the field of bio-medicine bio-tech etc for us to be lumped with scalp pigmentation/FUE and accept the holy grail as an impossible dream; who 100 years ago could have predicted the internet? Search engines? Social Networking? Email? Mobile Phones that can scan for STD's ffs nobody can write off the cure.

Mojo Risin
06-28-2011, 07:39 PM
It's people like Rassman who stop people from making progress. This guy is so simple minded. Sometimes I'm disgusted by the type of answers he gives in his blog.

06-29-2011, 03:13 AM
Yes i agree with you here, he did it half ass, saw it works bt want everything to as UK said claim ITS MINE.

Of course Rassman is responsible for blocking progress, i mean come on NO surgeon who has at least a half function brain or moral, would offer hair tattos.

My bet is, a few years down the road Rassman will only offer tattoos because they are less labor inteniv, people are stupid anyway and it certainly doesnt cost him a dime.

Exactly it almost seems like, h knows that he is old and cant be in this field for 10 more years, so why bothering to help patients when you can milk them and then say adios.

in my opinion Rassman should be a guest on the black list seriously; for blocking advances etc and unethical behaviour, also i didnt saw any good results lately. What happened? Was he running out of ink.

@UK_ : The more and mre advancement takes place, the more you can see which clinics or docs are on patients sides and imho its scary to see which ons are and which ones not because a few months ago people were praising those exactly clinics, while hating on those who are now investigating the stuff or apologize for thei first harsh criticism.

I think that this problem should be adressed in one of Spencers Shows as well, i mean even he (i dont care how he is involved with anything) sees this stuff

06-29-2011, 05:30 AM
I think you guys should lay off Rassman. His blog has given me and countless others peace of mind over the years.

I don't give a **** about his motives but I don't believe they are evil motives. As his job is to do HTs it's hardly surprising that he is choosing to do something that turns him a dollar and supports his business and puts the food on his plate.

Any chance you can tell us what you guys do for a living? How would you like to be publicly abused - what are your real names. Have you guys made more people feel better about hairless then Rassman has throughout his career. Didn't think so.

The annoying thing about all of this is that some of what you say is probably true. Rassman does talk up propecia and minoxidal and HT and now tattooing - but those pics really do make balding guys like us look better. Well sadly not guys like all of us because I'm blonde. The things is he is playing a part in this game and it's better he's here then not here - all the successful pics on his site... Those people have better lives now right.*

The fact is that name calling just lowers the bar and makes this whole forum less desirable. I was thinking how cool it would be if Corbin blocked swear words just in an attempt to make this a more neutral environment.*

That said. I totally dig you guys and respect you both ad your input and knowledge also provides me hope - loved the list of possible cures!!*

I just know what it's like to be publicly slandered when you're actually not really one of the true bad guys....

Your government spends billions on bombs. Why haven't they cured it yet. Your governments FDA is screwing us over. Companies are trying to sue Histogen and that truly slows down a cure - want to attack somebodies character online? Find out the rotten sods who tried to sue histogen. Make their names dirty. Find out why propecia haven't improved propecia or refined it with their BILLION dollar bank accounts.*

There are some people out there that deserve your wrath more then Rassman... But they never seem to be put on the spot.

Here's to histogen and aderans and a full head of hair again.


06-29-2011, 06:41 AM
No what you say is just appeasement BS nothing more and nothing less. White Knighting someone who saw growth with plucked hairs but doesnt wanna do this anymore is ridiculous and it shows that your are pretty much a victim here because you support this unsocial asshole behaviour.

As someone here said its guys like rassman who put a stop on progress and also guys like you who cry about people who openly discuss this miserable unsociale actings from a surgeon. Its odd when even other clinics listen to their patients and go this way and apologize. So i have no respect for rassman.

Rassmans Blog let people sleep well? Ridiculous his Blog is the Blog i would call over the top wrong and misleading, the comments below his ttements are much more educated then his rumblings. Even patients from him sometimes say " Ahhh Dr Rassman what you say is absolutely not correct"

And dont come here with the honest work Bullshit, because you are on of his paid of shills or omething. If you dont realise it till today


so dont come here with your white knight honest work crap while Rassman is topping progress, there is no excuse for stopping progress. And Rassman did stuff like that in the past if we can believe people.

Who cares what i do for living, it has certainly nothing to do with hair loss or with another clinic if you paid shill assume this.

I certainly have not made people feel worser with their hair, but i heared some nice stories about Rassman and his "well done work" so again what has our profession to do with it? NOTHING, you only want to play the obivous things down, thats it, because you fear that maybe your money spender wont have any money to spend.

You see assumptions are pretty fine, right.

SOME of what we sa is right? You serious, almost everything is right here, this guy had success with plucked hairs and he stopped it because he is a childish asshat. Wow w totally have to respect this guy after those statements. So spare us with your appeasement here, this time it wont work because Rassman is knwoingly IGNORING something which could help us all. So when you support Rassman here, you betray the whole hair loss community on the other hand. Its simple as that.

No its not better that he is here because what is the usefullness of omeone who doesnt get further because his ego is blocking the way? Correct nothing, also i didnt sw any results lately, speaks volumes.

Cry me a river with your " All those people are living better now" bullshit. This is just plain ignorance, whats with the people who got plucked hairs to grow by others nd an intact donor left? THOSE guys are happy, the others are caught in a mill end of story.

No no nono this is a common tactic by shills to say " Ohhh with those name giving this forum will go down in bla bla bla" this is Bullshit, this forum here lives because if you have the prove or stuff you can say words like scam etcwithout censorship etc.

And Rassmans behaviour is an asshole behaviour becaue it costs us precious time again only because his ego is blocking the way.

Yeah right swear words blocking like at hair site? We all know how that turned out, worse. And i would appreciate if a paid shill who only comes up to pla white knight, would just leave.

Oh come on now ou play the goverment and bombs card, are you serious? Rassman is the bad guy in this case, there is no doubt about it. In this case he simply is, UK and i dont normally agree but here even with different understandings we come to the same obvious conclusion, he is tha bad guy in this case.

Histogen won the case because of the invention and the obvious facts, get yours straight. The FDA is screwing over? Believe me they will push the envelope on hose treatments like Speed of Light because they also know what depends on it.

But it just doesnt matter WE SOLEL TALK ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC CASE and in this case Rassman is the bad guy. get over it

06-29-2011, 08:55 AM
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Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

06-29-2011, 09:06 AM
Thaks Kiwi for reporting me, nice move :rolleyes:

Now Rassman i more suspecious thanks to your action

06-29-2011, 09:44 AM
Oh btw you said "patients will sleep better" according to the comments its the exact opposite

Peter - June 27th, 2011 at 5:33 pm

Dr. Rassman, thanks for reporting your results. I wonder if you can get into a few more specifics, ie. how much growth?

Also, did you contact Dr. Cooley either before your started the trial to see what he was doing right, or since to try to understand why your results were different?

Neo Nyquist - June 28th, 2011 at 8:32 am

I think that youíre doing something wrong.

jakki - June 28th, 2011 at 8:48 am

:( Damn it. I, more than anyone else wish that wasnít the case.

(Me : What did ou wish? Did you wish that plucked hairs dont grow? but they did Rassman even confirmed it) S this is a nice example how Rassman is manipulating patients, he throws around big words and in one little sentecne he mentioned plucked hairs to work, but everyone overreads it

Kevin - June 28th, 2011 at 9:31 am

I was hoping that Acell would solve the limited donor hair issue. Now I have to be bald for a while.

(Me: ahem what do you think plucked hairs are? They are infinite or expanded donor good grief)

Sorry but all this stuff is really close to insanity. Do you wanna hear a nice story from 2003? Do you? I found it lately in an old german hair loss board archive and it shows that nothing has changed in Rassmans case. I will post this story for itself

06-29-2011, 10:08 AM
http://www.alopezie.de/diskussion/transplant/posts/977.html Origin Link

I will give a transcript here just for purpose of showing what actually was the case and why white knighting this guy is plain insane

What can i ay about NHI:

1.) NHI is a FUT butcher place and they claimed one year before, that Dr Woods Scarless method (FUE) doesnt work in reality. They bashed Dr Woods and called him a charlatane. (Yes Kiwi this is true they bashed Dr Woods for his FUE and it was hardcore)

2.) Then out of the blue, the NHI preent their own "scarless" method. Hypocritical at best.

3.) NHI developed their "scarless" method fast and under pressure, therefore its not fully functional (which the following points will show)

4.) Because of the incomplete technique, not everyone is suited for this technique. As an Example : Dr Woods and Dr Gho say everyone is a candidate even the hardcore cases, without exceptions. But th NHI needs a biopsy first.

5.) This biopsy costs money, around 300 dollars. Strangely no one in american hair loss forums mentiond that he is a good candidate for NHIs technique. Because almost all people are not suited for this (Just something from me Richard Dawkins : traditional FUE can be done on almost everyone)

6.) You get the 300 dollar refund if you opt for the FUT butchery method. Strange is it?

7.) I have spoken to Rassman a few months ago. They used 18 gauge needles (ca 1,1 mm) while Gho and Woods use needles with diameters of 0,6 to 0,8.

8.) NHI developed this "technique" so fast because they see Woods as another player who wants a slice of the pie. Because they knew that at this time a lot of people on message boards discussed this scarless technique and with it the positive patients results from Woods. So the conclusion is that the NHI didnt develope this technique for the sake of the patient, they developed it out of pure greedyness or money angst.

Fazit: NHI is a joke and i would never go there. Case closed.

This is the transcript. So Rassman and his posse did bash and literally destroy Dr Woods in the early 2000 and backstabbed him and the whole community with their own idea about FUE.

And you Kiwi tell me that i smear Dr Rassman? He did sabotage the whole process of FUE. And everyone is aware of that and has never forgotten about it.

You can say that a rep is destroyed when people who are afraid of scars would rather go to H&W and accept a scar, then get a NHI FUE transplant.

So dont tell me what i have done to make people feel better because i did something, i didnt sabotage FUE and the progress.

Thanks to Rassman this whole FUE process has lost some significant years, and i can alost guanrantee that we would have ore FUE clinics today if this hasnt happened in the past.

Thats history buddy, and Rassmans blog up my ass, even known hater trolls from other boards are not going there because even for their standards there is to much crap been talked about.

Also i dont think that Rassman will perform hair transplants for the next 5 years, thats why he is offering hair tattoos, because its the fastest way to get money before he wont work anymore believe me.

Also one statement which backs my theory up is the pure desperation from NHI as you can see here


Is it possible for Prince William to have a hair transplant, and reach his fatherís level of baldness ? Having a similar pattern of baldness I felt sorry for Prince William during his wedding. I believe his hair loss made him less attractive. In fact, my sister even said that Prince Harry is more attractive now. I can say the credit goes to the fullness of hair. Would a frontal coverage for that type of hair loss would be good in the long run. How would you apply a master plan toward a case like this ?

Answer from NHI (they are serious)

""Based on pictures alone, Prince William would likely be a great candidate for a hair transplant. We have treated many men with even more hair loss than he shows.

Hereís an open letter to the royal:

Dear Prince William,

It would be an honor if you would consider having NHI establish a Master Plan for your hair loss. If a hair transplant surgery could meet your goals, please consider us when choosing your doctors.

Thank you and best regards! "

Are you kidding me, this is desperation at its finest.

Follicle Death Row
06-29-2011, 03:34 PM
Well Rassman isn't on the IAHRS. Must be a reason for that. Anyone know more about that? Btw what Richard Dawkins said about Rassman slating Dr. Woods and FUE is true.

Wait for further word from Dr. Cooley and Dr. Bernstein on the possibilities from Acell before we can definitively say it's a go.

06-29-2011, 04:18 PM
Yeah most people know how he initially slated the woods technique just like he's slated almost every other novel method that's arisen over the past years -

06-29-2011, 04:27 PM
You see Kiwi your White Knighting wont work. Even if i have to risk to be banned here i stay with what i say

"He did sabotage FUE onl because he is a greedy asshat who doesnt care about his patients"

He did slander Woods in real harsh words and he had such a hostile agenda that people from today would just say "What the **** this is insane"

You wanna know why Rassmann is not doing more plucking? Its simply because of his ego and therefore he is sabotaging again.

Someone who offers Hair tattoos as a solution, and sabotaged FUE in the past and plucking or hair multiplication today cant be taken seriously.

And kiwi you wont find a single board where people would defend Dr Rassmann, they all know what he did and how he treats patients. Its just unethical to sabotage minimal invasive techniques only because you are greedy.

If your biographie consists of stuff like this :

"When Dr. Rassman entered the transplant field, a well known hair transplant surgeon welcomed him with the following greeting:

"This is a wonderful business and the money is good, just don't make waves and you will succeed and make a very comfortable living."

Dr. Rassman clearly did not follow his advice."

You failed your profession, nobody cares if you plant a tree a few years before, all that matters are satisfied patients.

This whole paragraph from his homepage is just a big bitch slap owards everyone from patient to FUE doc.

"The FOX™ procedure, where individual follicular units are extracted directly from the donor area without a traditional linear incision, was published by us in the journal Dermatologic Surgery in 2002 in the paper titled Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally invasive surgery for hair transplantation. The procedure has been adapted by some doctors yet resisted by many. The controversy of this procedure was reinforced at the 2003 ISHRS meeting in New York (our annual convention for hair doctors), where many doctors from around the world openly discussed their experience and frustration with this exacting procedure. The difficulty in performing the procedure (which is tedious and stressful for both doctor and staff) was battered about by most physicians in a series of 'talks' on the subject after Dr. Rassman presented his paper. One attempt at a clinical demonstration of the procedure was scheduled at a local New York hair restoration facility, however, the surgeon that was scheduled to perform the procedure mysteriously left town the morning of the surgery. Many of the attendees left wondering if this was 'telling' of an unpredictable surgery. "

Sorry but i disagree this wasnt slating it was pure sabotage and disrespectful behavior towards patients

06-29-2011, 04:53 PM
Too much noise man.

I just don't think personally abusing people is ok. If what you say about Rassman is true then you don't need to lower yourself to his standards - heck I get your point in one paragraph, I don't need 50 + of them, I honestly don't have the time to read it all.

Man I'm just a hurting young 30/yo dude that wishes there was a cure. If you launched a scathing campaign tomorrow against the people that tried to sue histogen i'd have your back covered mate. Same with the people at the Propecia company that havent bothered to improve the side effects of which I'm personally a sufferer of. I don't know if you realize how much this sucks for me - your other post on possible cures was like a ray of shining hope.

I'm in the same freaking boat here guys. I would be totally pissed if you left this forum or got banned because you're obviously knowledgeable and passionate. I'm willing to take the good stuff and leave the rest - just please stop making it so hard for me to filter :P

Peace bro. Also for the record I won't be reading any more of this - its not helpful for me. In fact its stressful reading which might be bad for my hair loss - sigh...

07-06-2011, 05:34 AM
@KIWI - I hear you too - we're all in this together - debates here are nothing personal.

Does anyone think there might be risks with scalp pigmentation?

I mean earlier this year it was found that deactivated stem cells remain in the scalp, I wonder if scalp pigmentation may serve to destroy much of those existing stem cells.

I wonder if Rassman has ever actually considered this.