View Full Version : Recent Fue surgery/PRP and Acell treatment

06-22-2011, 06:00 PM
I had a very small FUE surgery to refine my hairline and a PRP/Acell treatment this past week.

I have gone through a bad TE shed from general anesthia, so we opted to do very little grafts(150) at the hairline to avoid any shockloss. I lost quite a bit of hair 3 months after the general anesthia (4hours) from hip surgery.

We are hoping the PRP/Acell treatment with stimulate the hair shed. I have been suffering from MPB since 18 and I am now 39. Been on procar then Avodart since they were available. I also went though 2 strip surgeries in the 90's. My hair was very stable till the recent hip surgery/general anesthia.

I cannot really cant beleive the difference between strip and FUE. I am on day 2 and feel 0 pain on the donor site. I am really quit amazed. The transplanted area is about a one on a discomfort level. The strips were horrible, the pain and tightness, plus the scar, although my mine were pretty thin.

I know the PRP/Acell is still in its infancy, but I thought I would give it a go.

I will post frequently on my progess, also remember my case was a bit different do to the sudden TE shed. Should be interesting

06-24-2011, 12:57 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience with us and I wish you the very best in not having any sizable shedding to follow. You are the first patient that I have heard of sustaining a massive shed from the side-effects of the general anasthesia from your hip surgery.

And you are obviously aware of the infancy of the applications (PRP/Acell) that you had this time compared to not having them in your previous procedures.

Best wishes to you and look forward to your future feedback. It will be helpful to many other patients.;)