View Full Version : hair coming out in clumps in back?

02-05-2009, 05:05 PM
Dr. Redmond.
Over the last few years, I began losing my hair, mainly in the back, where it would just tangle up and fuse together and just come out on the ends. Also have thinning all around my hairline and temples.I have sjogren's/lupus so most my doctors agreed it was that. My TSH, T3 levels were always low and they still keep dropping. About 6 months ago, i stopped my bio-identical testosterone (had total hyster 2 years ago) and now, I have about 4 long strands left in back? Its just horrible!
Im still wondering if its my thyroid? I dont have the typical male pattern baldness...I dont use any chemicals either and my medications have not changed in years? Im on a very low dose now of bio-identical estrogen cream. My levels are at 44.