View Full Version : Is hair naturally thinner in front of the crown?

06-20-2011, 10:22 AM
Yo, I'm back again. Sorry about that! No pics this time, don't worry, just a question.

So, the hair directly growing in front of my crown seems to be more... I dunno.. see through? Well, in normal light my hair looks to be the same density all over, but under direct light, the hair just in front of my crown is more 'see through' than the hair directly on the top of my head.

Because I'm such a paranoid fellow, I took a torch and pointed it directly on my hair, and I dunno whether the hair stands up more at this point on my head... or whether it's thinner or whatever, but you can see through to the scalp more than on anywhere else. I just dunno why it's like that, because pictures I've posted before of completely wet hair, people have told me that my hair is the same density all over... but dry, with light on it, that specific point shows more scalp under light.

So is hair naturally thinner around there, or is it just my hair type? Then again, I dunno whether it's because my hair is so blonde and towards where I'm concerned about, my scalp seems to be the most red.

Again, sorry for coming back with a new topic... I hate the thought of losing my hair... and I don't really want to be going to a doctor in case I'm just being paranoid and am just wasting his or her time. So yeah, sorry for coming here about my concerns... it probably annoys you all lol, but I do appreciate any feedback.

06-20-2011, 02:16 PM
We aren't all the same but I know my hair does seem to stand up more at the area you're talking about. When hair stands up straight, this lets more light pass down to the scalp which will allow more scalp to be seen. This is especially the case with hair like yours, which is straight and fine (as is mine). This is completely logical and anyone who has looked at a lot of heads will have observed that it's true.

But it's still very difficult to say whether you're losing hair or not based on what we can see from your photos, because your density, whether losing it or not, is still within the normal range of human variation.

It's clear that this is bothering you a lot. I think you should arrange a consultation with someone who can look at your scalp up close, check for miniaturization and judge how your density at the crown compares to the rest of your scalp. Most transplant surgeons would be happy to meet with you for this purpose, or you could arrange to see a dermatologist but they aren't always that helpful unless they have specific knowledge in trichology.

Where are you from? There might be a trichology clinic near you.

06-20-2011, 05:00 PM
Thanks for your reply mattj. Yeah, it really does bother me. It's like an ongoing fear that flares up every so often. I was fine after my last topic and everyone's response towards my hair, then a friend of mine yesterday mentioned the part I've been concerned about. I was sitting directly under a light when he said it, but it still sparked off my concerns again, so as soon as I got home I started checking my hair under different lights, taking new photo's etc... you know the drill, lol.

I've made an appointment at my local doctors for this Friday about my scalp, since the shampoo she prescribed me hasn't done anything for the redness or irritation (it get's very itchy when I get hot), so while I'm there I'll tell her about the concerns I'm having, and hopefully I'll be able to find out for definite if there IS something to be worried about, or whether I'm just being extremely paranoid, since it seems to be just me noticing things and no one else... but then again, I suppose I know myself best. Though, looking at old pictures today, my hair doesn't seem to have changed in the past five years, the only thing that seems to have changed is that my scalp went red.

I live in the North of England. I dunno whether any trichology clinics around here would charge me for a consultation, or whether I'd be covered under the NHS... but I'll check with my doctor on Friday.

Again, thank you for the quick reply.

06-22-2011, 05:02 AM
Some people feel the need to point out 'flaws', and often they aren't flaws at all. I've learnt take the observations people make with a pinch of salt.

The redness is almost certainly making it look worse. It's an additional reason to go to a professional. I'm guessing you're going to your GP. You should ask for a referral to a dermatologist and I'm sure you'll get one as the redness and irritation are persisting. There can be an annoying wait with the NHS though.

Make use of the NHS route first as it's free, but if you don't get any joy from them then you could pay for a consultation at a trichology center. Are you near Manchester? I googled 'trichology clinic manchester' and found one that charges 45 with free follow-ups.

As lucky as we are to have free healthcare, I have to say that I'm often unimpressed with the standards on the NHS.

06-24-2011, 08:10 AM
Well, I've just got back from the doctor's and she's said I've got nothing to worry about with my hair at all, and it's my scalp that's the problem. She had a look and has said it's a bit, as she put it... scaly, as well. So I've been prescribed a "coconut oil compound ointment", which will hopefully help get rid of the red scalp. But yeah, while she was up there looking around my head, I mentioned my hair, and she said that my hair is fine and there's nothing to worry about, it's the scalp that needs sorting... so you were right.

Yeah, I agree about the NHS. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 16, so 5 years ago now, and they still haven't sent me for any treatment. I've been private, but that was costing too much. Then I was referred to some doctor who just wanted me to stick meds into my body, but they were causing my appetite to be non-existent, so I told him about these side effects... so he disharged me. My GP then tried to refer me back to him this year to try different medication, and then to get some CBT via him, but he said 'no'.

This new GP I've got seems to be the only one trying to do something for me.

Anyway, yeah. Thanks again for the advice mattj, it's been a great help :)

06-24-2011, 09:02 AM
Sounds like your current GP is a good one. I hope you got some peace of mind and you'll worry less about your hair now.

Coconut oil is a good moisturiser.