View Full Version : Dr Panagotacos Success Story

06-19-2011, 12:58 AM
This Bloke is Excellent !!! I had my second procedure from Dr Panagotacos in April this year 2011, my first was about 8 years ago 2003 and I Highly recommend his services. His artistry is second to none and my hairdresser cannot wait to see the new hairs grow in. I am now living in Western Australia and over the past 8 years every hairdresser that I have been to has been blown away by my transplants. They ALL have said that had I not told them , they would not have known that I had transplant work done. I absolutely Love the work that Peter has done for me as confirmed by my choice to return to San Francisco for my second surgery. Yes he is a little short on bedside manner but only until you engage him in conversation. Ask him anything and you will learn anything you want to know. This guy is Awesome. Thanks Dr P, I am happy to be contacted by any doubters.