View Full Version : Can you recommend me a good shampoo to use daily?

06-15-2011, 08:57 PM
I'm currently only using propecia, and it's done fairly well for me (you can see my prev. posts to see pics if you're curious :))...def. helped me grow some hair back.

Right now, I'm using Head & Shoulders as my main shampoo because I usually have a dandruff problem if I don't use it.
However, I have a few main issues with it.
Typically, I shower/shampoo my hair (with H&S) every other day. And when I shampoo my hair, I usually do it TWICE with H&S because it just doesn't FEEL clean at all if I shampoo it just once. It still feels somewhat itchy and oily when I just shampoo it once (the amount I squeeze each time is between the size of a nickel and a quarter).
So I guess my main concern is, isn't it not very good to use H&S?
I have heard from various ppl that H&S is essentially more or less kinda a way of burning your scalp. So I can't imagine it being a very good thing for me when I'm shampooing my hair TWICE with it each trip to the shower!

Is there something else that you guys can recommend for me?
I know there is Nizoral, but I've heard that you should not use it every day, nor every other day for that matter.
I want to start exercising again every day, so I would like something that I could potentially shampoo with daily.

So to summarize, a shampoo that is:
- keep my dandruff problem in check
- something that's not as evasive or "harmful" as H&S
- possibly use daily
- added bonus--would encourage/stimulate hair growth too

Any other suggestions are welcome.
Thanks very much in advance!

06-16-2011, 12:10 PM
By definition anything that is really effective with dandruff will be relatively harsh.
Perhaps you might consider nizoral once, twice a week to keep dandruff in check and use something else on other days.
Generally speaking regural shampoos don't affect hair condition too much and definetaly not in a consistent way, results differ a lot. So I'm afraidd you'll have to keep trying. Some people in fact even think that it's better to change shampoos once in a while (which does not mean there is any proof to that).
Also don't be afraid to use women shampoos if you like them (well theres no women shampoos, just men and generic).

06-16-2011, 06:28 PM
Look for organic dandruff shampoos, which don't contain any harsh chemicals. Organic shampoos are good for daily use because of that.

06-17-2011, 12:52 AM
When it comes to dandruff, I personally think Nizoral is the best choice of shampoo. But you can't use it every day, if you're sensitive maybe you can use it once or twice a week and leave it on for no longer than 3 minutes or you might feel a burning sensation.

For days when you're not using Nizoral, try a milder shampoo, you can try what PatientlyWaiting suggested: organic shampoos. Although for me I sometimes use those mild baby shampoos.

Follicle Death Row
06-17-2011, 05:17 PM
Kerastase Specifique is a really good one. I've been using it for years. Even before my hair loss kicked off I used to suffer badly from dandruff and this is the only one that worked for me.


I alternate between this and nizoral.

06-20-2011, 06:07 AM
How about Burt's Bees Volumizing Shampoo?
I've been doing some reading and I actually want to try this. It's pH balanced so it won't dry out the hair and it's pretty cheap too. Might be worth a try!