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06-14-2011, 01:24 PM
Hey guys,

I am looking into hair transplants, I am from the UK (belfast).

I am looking at Ziering who completed Jason Gardniers transplant which was quite successful. The only thing is they use Strip extraction and I would prefer FUE so the scaring would be minimal. The guy on the phone insists strip will get better coverage so I am going ahead with the consultation. He also insists that the insertion technique is the same.

What is the honest truth? Can I get the same coverage from FUE as strip? Would I be able to get away with a shaved head after strip (ot a 0 grade but say a 3??).

Also how can I check the doctor that is doing the surgery?

I am keen to proceed but afraid I will look like a monster if it goes wrong!!!



Follicle Death Row
06-15-2011, 08:21 AM
You might get away with a 3 on the side and back for strip. Strip gives a better yield than FUE. A lot of the follicles transplanted by FUE might not survive the transplantation process. Make sure you get a surgeon on the IAHRS list to ensure you don't get a sub par job.

You can get more follicles by FUT (strip) than by FUE but a combination of the two in the long run will maximise the number.

A word of warning, Jason Gardiner wears a load of concealer. 3,501 grafts which is what he got does not look like that in real life without concealers. Don't be fooled by his appearance on TV. You'd need like 3 times that (10,500) which is not possible to get that appearance of density without concealers. If you saw him in real life sans concealers you might think his hair looked like shit. Btw Gardiner is going for a second procedure with Ziering to get more coverage and density, do the crown etc.

Once you're cut there's no going back. Make sure you research this thoroughly.

06-15-2011, 11:19 AM
Thanks for the reply!

I thought his hair looked remarkably well, I am quite bald tho so am worried that if it does go wrong I can revert to my 0 all over. Ill go see them and see how many grafts I need and report back.

I had a meeting with DHI Global a few years back but was warned off them as cowboys so chickened out!!

One more thing, what about Thailand for the surgery? A girl I know had her boobs done out there and it was a great success, has anyone heard any good/bad reports?

I am only researching at the minute like, wouldn't consider it until after christmas.

Cheers dale

Follicle Death Row
06-15-2011, 12:04 PM
I don't know anything about hair restoration in Thailand. I'd advise you to look at Bijan Feriduni's clinic in Belgium. He's the best in Europe imo. Otherwise one of the top docs in the US or Canada.

If you want the option to shave it if you don't like it then the closest you can do is a 1 grade with FUE, well maybe a bare blade actually but I thought a clean shave. Dr. Cole seems to think that treating FUE extraction sites with Acell will reduce the chances of hypopigmentation (the white dots).

Let's say you can get a max of 9000 by strip or 6000 by FUE. If you ignore the crown and go the FUE route you could get a really nice hairline with some good density from front to mid scalp. You could blade it down to a 1. You'd have the outline of a hairline and look great from the front or side, even top. Look at Wesley Sneijder for example. Also if Dr. Cooley's autocloning comes up trumps, (I suspect it will) you could then work on the crown over time. I don't think I'd go strip myself at this stage if I had to make a choice now because I don't like the thoughts of that dumb smiley scar on the back of my head for life.

A lot to think about. Very best of luck with whatever you decide and well done for dodging a bullet with DHI.