View Full Version : Propecia effectiveness? Anyone using Avodart?

06-12-2011, 11:05 AM
Does everyone really believe Propecia is effective on 90% of the people taking it as stated by the manfacturer? I've been taking it for about 11 months now and I am still losing hair, maybe 30 to 40 between showering and styling. I know, everyone says that you are supposed to lose 100 hairs a day, but then why are these hairs only falling out from the TOP of my head? I would find that more logical if the hairs were also falling out from the sides and back. I run my fingers through the hair on the back of my head and never have any hairs on them.

I question this for two reasons... obviously because it isn't working for me and the countless other people on here posting stories and the fact that makers of Propecia obvioulsy LIED about the percentage of sexual side effects of guys taking the pills. I rarely find anyone who says that they didn't get ANY side effects... FAR FAR FAR from the 2% they claim... so who is to say that they didn't alter the statistics for effectiveness too! From all the people that seems to be saying that they see no results, it would be more like 30-40% effective!

Now since this doesn't appear to be working for me, I was thinking about giving Avodart a try. I'm curious what experienced users have to say about it, it's effectiveness and side effects if any. I know, several people have posted that it's such a dangerous drug that it shouldn't be taken... but it is an approved drug for enlarged prostate! So how does taking it for a different issue make it anymore dangerous?

Thanks for you responses! :cool: