View Full Version : Rejected Follicles?

06-08-2011, 09:46 AM
Hi fellow post-HT people :]

I'm in the 8th week after a FUE hair transplant, and something kind of disturbing is happening...

I think most of the transplanted hairs have already fallen, but now I have these really tiny hairs coming out. These hairs are thick, but the fall out almost immediately when i touch them. they are very short (around 1-2 millimeters). I'm scared that these are the transplanted follicles themselves that are being rejected out or something. after they fall out i don't see anything instead, leaving me with bald patches along the tansplanted area :\:mad:
Anyone knows what i'm talking about?

Another thing is that some of the transplanted hairs that are still falling (at leats i hope they are transplanted ones) are falling with what seems to be the root itself attached :\ Will they ever grow again?? :confused: